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This post is sponsored by World Market and Shutterfly. But, you guys must know by now that I am in serious love with World Market, so I wouldn’t share anything I wouldn’t recommend to my best friend. So there you go, you all are my BFFs ;)

Mother’s Day is coming and you know what that means…finding flowers, a card, or something that helps you convey how you feel about your mom (or some other special person you celebrate on Mother’s Day :) ). If you’re like me, you search high and low for something that says thank you.

But, I mean, what can say “thank you, mom, for raising me, wiping my butt, cleaning up after me, sitting up with me when I am sick, tolerating me when I was a solemn teenager, paying for college, a wedding, and the first 20 years of my life…” ???? ha!! My mom jokes that each generation “pays” for the previous generation’s parenting investment when they invest in their own kids. :) Amen, mama!

So how do you give a gift to the person who endured all that?? Well, nothing can compare with the sacrifice and joy of motherhood, BUT you can sure try with some personalized gifts from Shutterfly and some great Mother’s Day gift ideas from World Market! Did you know that they not only carry amazing stuff for your house, but they also have some gorgeous jewelry?? I have an…ahem…friend who spent far too much money on jewelry at World Market. ;) So just how do you create a memorable Mother’s Day? I thought it would be fun to show you how to create an amazing breakfast, a fun gift basket, and a homemade item for that special mom in your life! :)

#MyAmazingMom 1. Start with a simple idea.

No one likes pressure, amiright? One of the ways to make this a stress-free process is to start simple. Its much easier to build into the plan than to try and fit a million tiny details together all at once. So start with the food. Everyone likes food. :) I picked a delicious gluten free scone mix from World Market that baked up like little fluffy treats. The mix is SO easy! And I used my ceramic scone pan to make them into those cute triangle shapes!

Also, what pairs well with scones? Coffee, of course! I picked World Market’s Mocha Java Blend to sip. :) For that coffee loving mom in your life (isn’t coffee the gasoline of moms??), you can start building off of this. I selected a Chemex Coffee Maker as a great gift. Its a unique and fun way to make seriously delicious coffee. See how we’re building off of the simple idea of scones and coffee?

#MyAmazingMom2. Add in accessories.

This is pretty much my favorite part. World Market has so many things that can enhance a table when serving up a fun breakfast. I’ve had my eye on a two-tiered tray for a while, so I grabbed it to put the scones on :) And who does a coffee service without a cute serving tray?! This apple green one was a no-brainer for me! Add in splashes of color, like these cute kitchen towels or some cute cloth napkins. I also love their lanterns and vases for those pretty blooms you’ll add to the table! :) Just think practical and then build on that. You need a tray for the scones, check. You need napkins, add cute ones, check. Need a butter dish to butter the scones, check. And on you go until you’ve got a great tablescape!

3. Add in your gift basket.

A gift basket for that coffee lover in your life is a great way to give them all the accessories needed for a delicious cuppa joe. Think about all the things that you love about coffee. A cute mug maybe? A delicious coffee blend? Syrups? Chocolate? (Yes, please.) Add in all of these things for a perfect coffee experience. And of course, World Market has your basket and fillers covered!

#MyAmazingMom4. Add a personal touch.

One of the great things about this Mother’s Day is World Market partnering with Shutterfly as a perfect way to personalize your Mother’s Day gift. For me, personalized gifts with pictures of my kiddos just tugs at my heart. A few of my favorites (which are featured in the pictures too!): this mug, this tumbler, these coasters, and this amazing collage frame. Shutterfly makes it super easy to personalize your gift. You can pull pictures from Facebook, Instagram, your computer, and more! I love the addition of my kiddos faces in little spots around the house!

#MyAmazingMom #MyAmazingMom5. Don’t forget something home made!

Do you remember when you were a kid and made a card covered in glue and cut outs of hearts and glitter? What mom doesn’t love a hand made gift from their child? Well, just because you’re an adult, does not mean this doesn’t still apply! I thought it would be amazing to add in a homemade coffee syrup to round out the gift basket. :) Its a simple recipe and World Market has most of the ingredients you need as well as a cute jar to put it in!

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Coffee Syrup

  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 vanilla bean

Put water and brown sugar in pot on medium-high heat and simmer until the sugar is dissolved. Add cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean to the pot and simmer for ten minutes. Allow to cool somewhat, remove cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean, and place in a cute jar! :) DONE!


There are so many ways to create a memorable gift and day for the mom you love, and I am so glad I got to do it with World Market and Shutterfly. :)

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