Soapy soapy soapy… // #Giveaway

Whenever I wash my kids in the bath, I usually sing “soapy soapy soapy…” I’m not sure where it came from, but they giggle every time. So I keep doing it…naturally. ;)

Today I have a special treat to share with you guys. You all know that I am all for natural living, I’ve always wanted a farm, and have tried my hand at growing vegetables in our backyard. Well, my friend Erin is like the QUEEN of homesteading. She also makes the most amazing goat’s milk soap (and I may or may not be giving a bar away ;) ), and I’m excited to share about it with you today!

Firesky Farm is their family farm nestled on 7 acres in Chino Valley, which is about 20 miles north of Prescott (which is about 100 miles north of Phoenix :) ). They raise turkeys, chickens, ducks, dairy goats, and sheep for eggs, meat, milk, and make cheese and ice cream! They are also adding two piglets to their farm as well right before summer. Erin and her family have made the commitment to farming and love what it has done for their family life.


Here is her story about her wonderful soap.

We have had dairy goats going on 3 years now and they are wonderful and amazing. I bought my first 2 mini dairy goats when my son refused to nurse any longer at 8 months. I knew cow milk was not a very good substitute for him and that started my complete adoration of goats and their wonderful healthy milk! Our herd consists of Nubian dairy goats. We have 7 does and one buck.

The process of soap starts early in the morning with milking the girls individually by hand while they each munch on their sweet treat. Goat milk has tons of beneficial skin properties. With all the extra milk, and all the chemicals inside products labeled “soap for kids,” I decided it was time to make the switch for good. I am a certified herbalist and with that knowledge and soap making resources, I have put together all of my soap recipes. There are no copycat recipes here — each recipe I mull over and calculate etc. I have bars specifically for sensitive skin, itchy skin, eczema, dry oily etc. Each bar contains over an ounce of goat milk straight from the girls. Its never heated or pasteurized but added in its raw state as to preserve all of the benefits. Each oil in the soap is sourced naturally, and each oil brings a different quality to the soap. Some oils add moisture, other hardness, bubbles, silkiness etc. So coming up with recipes is super fun!

Almost all the scents come from natural essential oils, which also bring in their wonderful healthy properties to the soap. If a fragrance oil is used, it is always non-GMO and phthalate free! All of the colors in my soaps come from completely natural and mostly herbal sources. I am very proud of my soaps! I really feel like I pour my heart and soul into them, I absolutely love making them, and I love being able to offer a product that is completely healthy, safe, and natural. My family has not used anything but goats milk soap for hair and body for over 6 months and we don’t plan on ever changing that! Everyone’s skin has greatly improved; we all have dry skin here, and this is the first winter we all didn’t have cracked and bloody knuckles.

We absolutely love Erin’s soaps and are on our way to replacing our shampoo and body soap with her luxurious bars. You can shop her soaps online here, or enter the giveaway below to win two: a Spiced Amber Ale and Sunny Day! Seriously you guys, you WANT to win this one!! ;)


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