Today, after I picked my daughter up from preschool, we came home for naps + quiet time. This is the usual for our daily routine – up, get ready, school drop off, play with Elijah at home, lunch, pick up sister, nap + quiet time. During this time, I usually do homework while Elijah sleeps and Jael paints or colors. This time, as I was reading, the cushion of the couch enveloped me. I swear the couch was out to sabotage my schoolwork time, but I went with it. After checking the clock, I dozed off.

Only ten minutes later, Jael was standing right in front of me…STARING.

“What’s up?” I groggily asked. She speedily said something about wanting to use a special straw from school and cleverly sped over wanting juice instead of water. So I told her she could have juice after Elijah woke up from his nap and they had their afternoon snack. I dozed off again, and what do you know…ten minutes later, the interrogator was back to staring at me.

Startled, I woke up and asked again, “What’s up?” She again explained the straw and juice situation. Again, I told her no and dozed off again. Well, third time’s the charm because this time she sat on the couch across from me and quietly waited and stared. I remember feeling a weird sense that I was being watched, but with my eyes closed and half awake, I wasn’t really paying attention. But finally, through a slit in my eyelids, I see this figure sitting across from me.

You know those dreams where you’re falling off something and you flinch in reaction and wake yourself up? That. Only this time, it was from the penetrating eyes of a five year old with a mad hankering for juice and a paper straw.

This time, admittedly with a little frustration dropped in, I said, “What’s up, Jael?” This time she just giggled and ran off. I mean…what?! I guess a nap was not in the plans for me today.

So now I am nursing an iced coffee and writing this story out to you all, which is probably boring you to tears right now.

Welcome to my mom life. Now pass the espresso shots.