So Thankful. // Share the JOY

Is it just me, or do the holidays creep up on you like a procrastinated due date? Every year, the summer seems to creeeeep by (in Arizona, this is torture since the temperatures reach over 115º daily). Then school starts and before you know it, you’re frantically searching for that one costume that your four year old wants and trying to figure out why it became a tradition to give small people an overabundance of their drug of choice (sugar). But after you’ve “sorted” through their candy (parent talk for “eat half of it”) and the sugar tantrums fade, its suddenly the best time of year.

If it weren’t for the pure joy on the faces of my children at the sight of Christmas lights, sparkly trees, and that one gift (or five) that they’ve been begging for since the Toys R’ Us ad came out…I’d say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Who doesn’t like a day dedicated to eating until you’re uncomfortable, taking a nap, and waking up to eat more?? And then drink coffee and eat pie? I mean, you must be crazy if this isn’t your idea of heaven.

We have several Thanksgiving traditions in our house…snuggling with the kiddos and watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with Starbucks hot chocolates is one of the biggest. My husband and I also watch White Christmas every year the weekend after Thanksgiving, make sure to watch the Friends Thanksgiving episode with Brad Pitt (can you believe this was a tradition started by my husband? ha!), make toasted pumpkin seeds, do a little holiday baking, and enjoy the time of year where neither the A/C nor the heater are on. Bliss.

This year, because I have it on my 30 before 30 list, I am cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. I am both excited and terrified. Many different scenarios flash through my mind at the thought of this…most of them inspired by television turkey fiascos. I imagine a beautiful turkey that is ice cold on the inside, still contains the “parts” bag in the…ahem…cavity, and that tastes mildly like burned oven. But I digress…I have to learn and figured it is one of those “rights of passage” for adults…yada yada yada. *wink*

As I was thinking about cooking my first turkey, I also started thinking about the table that it will be on. If I am going to make a magnificent bird, he’s gotta have a great stage, right? Growing up, we never really had much of table decor for Thanksgiving because the whole table was full of food. I’m not complaining. But if I am being honest, a beautiful table set up is just icing on the cake of a wonderful day celebrating the things we are so thankful for. So I have come up with ten items I would love to have on my Thanksgiving table from, of course, pretty much my favorite store, World Market.

World Market Thanksgiving

  1. Amber Damask Ogee Tablecloth$14.99
  2. Turkey Serving Bowl$24.99
  3. Be Thankful Paper Banner$7.99
  4. Turkey Oval Platter$29.99
  5. Wood Bark Pedestal Stand$29.99
  6. Porcelain Plates Sets with Space-Saving Racks$19.99-$24.99
  7. Natural Fiber Turkey$22.49 sale
  8. Edin Wood 2-Tiered Stand$19.99
  9. Autumn Grass Stacks$39.98
  10. Mini Cornucopia$1.99

And this amazing create your own table set up interactive part of their site that you pick plates and different accessories and it populates your choices and shows you what your set up would look like! I don’t know about you, but it can be really frustrating for me to pick all the pieces to match the idea in my head but then get home and it doesn’t quite look like what I imagined. This eliminates that!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

I think I have this high idea in my head of what I would love Thanksgiving holiday entertaining to look like (appearance-wise) and that would probably be the dinner table scene in the intro to the show Parenthood. Outside, hanging bistro lights, long table, decor, candles…it just looks so magical! To celebrate the spirit of giving this holiday, Cost Plus World Market’s Share the Joy sweepstakes is back! Enter for your DAILY chance to win a $500 World Market gift card for you AND $500 for the charity of your choice! A winner will be chosen daily. Enter today and get the chance to Share the Joy this season. Sweepstakes ends 11/21/14.

What does your Thanksgiving table look like? What are some of your favorite pieces to decorate with?

This post was sponsored by World Market but as usual, all opinions are mine. I wouldn’t share something I didn’t believe in, which is why I changed the direction on my blog. You can read more about that here.