Gardening & Parenting

This year, I decided that I wanted to start a garden. I’ve always admired those who grow their food and have big, overflowing vegetable gardens. I wanted one so bad! But here in Arizona, I was afraid that the hot sun would scorch anything I planted. After doing a lot of research and attending a local class about starting your garden, I felt more confused than I began! So I decided I would just jump in! I had a couple gift cards that I hadn’t used yet, so one evening, I went and got a bunch of supplies to start my garden.

I was amazed at how much I got for only about $80, and after the kiddos went to bed, I got to work. There’s just something about warm, wet soil under your nails and planting little sprouts that was so good for my soul. I had always had a “black” thumb and killed everything I tried to nurture, but this time I was determined to not only keep these little plants alive but also to grow something that I could eat and be proud of.

Sorry for the grainy picture! But this is everything all planted the night I did it. From left to right, I planted red bell pepper, heirloom tomato, jalapeno and cilantro (blue pot center), cherry tomato, and sage. I imagined all the bowls of salsa, crispy sage in a pan with chicken, salads with tomatoes, and more. I was so excited! The heirloom tomato on the left is only as tall as the first rung on the tomato cage and the cherry tomato on the right barely reached the second rung.

gardeningStarting from the left is the sage, center is the bell pepper plant, and right is the jalapeno with the cilantro in the background. Did you know that if you don’t pick the cilantro, it grows really tall and sprouts little white flowers?

I watered, pruned, watered some more. I learned which was the best way to position the plants for sunlight. I learned that cilantro is finicky, and that tomato plants have LOTS of pests. I would wake in the morning to find the tender leaves of sage full of wormy holes. I would find branches on my tomato plants missing blooms and leaves leaving them resembling barren tree branches. I learned that even though they were sprouted, it takes time to produce fruit. And that even though I saw growth, the best was yet to come.


I found this mirrored my parenting. Some days are pruning days, some are watering. Some topics are finicky and don’t have set answers, and that parenting comes with LOTS of pests trying to ruin what you’re doing. I found that I would get frustrated from not seeing anything…wondering when I was going to get to reap the harvest of my work and diligence with this little garden. Isn’t this so much like motherhood? The stretch of days that feel like all you do is discipline and one bottom is constantly occupying the time-out chair. Days upon days where you wonder, “Am I doing anything? What difference am I making on this little person?”

But I kept watering…partially out of stubbornness (I will not let this investment go to waste!) but also because I knew, something had to be coming. And this is how I have to live with my kids. Partially out of stubbornness ;) but also in knowing that something has to be happening. Underneath all the tears, punishments, molding, shaping, cuddles, lessons…I had to be making a difference somehow. When I tell them not to slam doors today and they forget the lesson tomorrow. When we teach not to hit and 5 minutes later you hear another smack! Underneath the soil, there just had to be growth. I had to have faith in Jesus that he was helping me mold their little hearts and even though I couldn’t see it, He could.

gardening2 gardening3

Finally, one morning I woke to find little tiny sprouts from the buds. And what was once just a little plant was now a taller, much stronger plant that was beginning to produce fruit. And some days, I wake up and my kids are kind, loving, and listen. Some days they aren’t. But when I remember that something is happening underneath that I can’t see, that one day I’ll wake up and that little bud of kindness, obedience, etc. has sprouted, that each day the fruit of my labor as a mom to little people will grow bigger and bigger…it makes all the days of tilling the soil worth it. ♥ xo