30 Before 30

I am 29. Its very weird to think that soon I will be leaving this life-changing, defining, pivotal, immensely hard 20s season behind me and venturing into my 30th decade on this earth. While that Friend’s episode of Rachel not wanting to turn 30 plays in my head, I am actually extremely excited to turn 30. Not really for any specific reason, but I am ready to venture into new waters and see what the Lord has for me. The turning of the clock from 29 to 30 seems to have a symbolic “leaving behind” for me…maybe I will finally move past some things. Maybe my 30s will be less about the uncertainty of my 20s and more about assurance.

Lots of bloggers out there have done 30 before 30 lists, which is a list of thirty things you’d like to do before you hit your 30th birthday. I started my list a couple months before I turned 29 in June by writing little goals in my notepad on my phone. But I have already been able to check some things off my list, so here it goes!

30 BEFORE 30

  1. Get a wrist tattoo – I really like this image and have always wanted to get three birds on a wire for my sisters and I.
  2. Start a vegetable garden – Growing your own food is something I have always wanted to do but have been so intimidated by!  Started this garden at the end of August 2014 :)
  3. Plant a few flower pots for the porch – The front of my house, while historic and cute, is not the most colorful. I’ve always wanted pots overflowing with flowers to help bring a little color! Done! Planted some pretty hanging planters as well as some fun pots full of pretty flowers in September 2014. Yay!
  4. Run a 5K – I’m not a runner, so this would be a victory for me…all 3.11 miles.
  5. Start a blog about simplifying – In my own pursuit to #simplify my life, I want to share my stories with others. I renamed my blog “the simple blog” in August of 2014. Since then, I have had more joy in writing about pursuing simplicity in my life. Its wonderful!
  6. Start singing on the worship team at church again – I was on the worship team at my church from age 14 all the way through age 24. This was one of my most favorite seasons of life.
  7. Start mentoring someone – I don’t look at this goal as an, “I’m so great!” type of goal. I see this as something where I am ready to pour into someone else and love on them.
  8. Take piano lessons – Always wanted to do it. That’s all!
  9. Lose 10 pounds – Because. Food. I achieved this through my 23rd point below! Yay! Finished the program in September 2014.
  10. Start practicing yoga – I’ve always wanted an active hobby and I love the slow flow and quietness of yoga. Holy yoga is something I really think would be a great way to start. I started going to Holy Yoga classes here in Phoenix in August 2014 as well as practicing at home with a DVD. This has been a major part of my self-care goal, and I am excited to say I plan to stick with attending the classes!
  11. Start co-leading a small group with my hubby – We absolutely LOVE hosting people at our house and have always loved being with other couples. This is a goal we both have really desired for a while.
  12. Take a cooking class – I think this would be so fun! Anyone wanna join?
  13. Go somewhere I’ve never been before – We always vacation to California…don’t get me wrong, I love California. But I would love to go somewhere I have never been before this next summer comes. We took a short 4 day trip up to the Pacific Northwest in November 2014 with my sister and her husband. You can read about our Portland, OR/Seattle, WA trip here. :)
  14. Once a month, write one “just because” card and mail it – Everyone loves mail! I’ve recently purchased a few cards from Target that were really nice and just cards for every day. I’d love to write cards to people to encourage them and love on them.
  15. Take a girl’s trip – I have always wanted to do this!! When I was 18, I took my first road trip without my parents with a couple of my girlfriends [one who is now my sister-in-law] and yet, I have never taken one since! I’d love to take a trip like that again.
  16. Take a trip alone – I went to the Influence Conference in 2013 and absolutely LOVED how refreshing it was to travel alone.
  17. Host a dinner party – Because this would be so fun! :) I hope to have my patio all decorated pretty before the cooler weather comes so we can actually enjoy it. Think string lights, picnic table, and pretty pretty plants. :)
  18. Make self care a priority – I’m not quite sure how I am going to achieve this…but I’d like to think that investing my time into the other 30 things listed here would be a start ;) But seriously, I think that I would love to have something I consistently do to pour back into myself. I started practicing Holy Yoga in August of 2014 as part of my self-care as well as going to a coffee shop occasionally for quiet me time. I have also been giving myself more leniency with sitting and enjoying the quiet during nap time and after the kids are in bed rather than busying around doing my to-do list. Sometimes you just have to sit and binge watch New Girl or Call the Midwife. You know?
  19. Develop a habit of prayer – This one is super important to me. I don’t want to only be praying in desperation every day, but I also want to develop the habit of praying for others and for myself and my family – again, not in desperation [i.e. “God, please make my son stop throwing a fit!!!] but more for things that I’m seeking an answer to. I have this awesome prayer journal that every month you write in things you’d like to pray for. In August, I filled that thing up, but opened it to pray only a handful of times. I’d like to change that.
  20. Make more friends – I’d really like to have some more friends. I mean, this is always a good thing, right?
  21. Cook a turkey – This is intimidating to me. REALLY. But I’ve never made the Thanksgiving turkey before, and I’d like to learn. I did it!! And it was amazing!!! Cooked our 22 lb. Thanksgiving turkey in November 2014 and it tasted AMAZING!
  22. Go and actually cut down our Christmas tree – I’ve always thought this would be lovely, but here in Arizona, you have to have a permit to do this. Luckily, they only cost $15 but are first come-first served, so I hope this one gets checked off because we actually got to do it! We were unable to get a tag to get a tree so we bought a fresh one from a local nursery. Next best thing :)
  23. Complete one full workout program – I tried Slim in 6, didn’t finish it. I did about two months of P90X and didn’t finish it. I started Jillian Micheal’s 30 Day Shred and, you guessed it, didn’t finish it. So I hope to finish one program in my 29th year. I started 21 Day Fix in the beginning of September and finished!!
  24. Bring more intentional with my kids by doing things they like – This will include scripture memorization and baking with Jael and playing Play Dough or outside with Elijah…of course, there are so many more things they love, but I want to be more intentional about doing things they individually love too.
  25. Join a book club – This sounds like so much fun, so if any of you are part of one, want to start one, or know of a good one, please let me know in the comments below!
  26. Replace my husband’s truck – This one might be a bit difficult, but its on it’s last leg for sure, and I’d love to bless him with a new one.
  27. Register and plan to go through the Gottman Level Two training – This one you may not quite get, but its basically a training for therapists who work with couples. It will be in Las Vegas in November 2014, so I’d like to at least be planning for it by the time I am approaching my birthday. An MFT friend of mine and I are all registered to attend Gottman Level 2 training in CHICAGO next year!!! YAYY!!! :)
  28. Visit [lunch, dinner, play group, etc.] one blog friend – I don’t know who because I have a couple that are close by or within driving distance, but I think this would be really fun.
  29. Mail a family Christmas card - I’ve always wanted to do this. I think Christmas cards are so fun!
  30. Paint and DIY my living room end tables and coffee table – I bought the end tables at a garage sale with the intention of painting them and adding glass tops as well as repainting my coffee table, so this would be nice to have done within the next year!

So there you go! Any tips, ideas, or comments about my list? I really hope its not like my past New Year’s resolutions…I really want to try and get these things done. These things are items that I feel would add to the joy and cheer of life, and I am excited! Let me know what you think below! Have you done a 30 before 30 list? I’d love to read it!


  1. says

    Oh I just love your list! Tip for prayer habit: when I was younger, we made prayer rocks. Painted and decorated because we were kids but could still be fun! You out it on your pillow, then you have to move it (or hit your head on it!) before you sleep. So it reminds you! Move it to you floor so you step on it in the morning, reminding you to start your day with prayer.
    Abeautifulmess.com has a book club of sorts. I don’t read those posts, so I don’t know a lot about it, but they have a different book each month!
    Good luck! I’m excited to hear about your progress!

    • Erin Lauray says

      Thank you for the tips, Tasmin!! That is SO helpful! What an amazing idea for the prayer rock. I’m totally doing that. And I am heading over to abeautifulmess.com right now to check out the book club! YAY!