We love to read! [GIVEAWAY–CLOSED]

We all know reading to kids has so many benefits. I’m sure you’ve heard…from building your relationship with your child, to speech skills, to benefits academically, we can probably all agree that kids books are a gem. Yes? Yes. Okay.

We have always wondered if our reading to Jael and Elijah has contributed positively to their language skills. They speak so well and can really hold their own in a conversation. We love it so much! So when my friend Amber asked me if I wanted to review some Usborne books, I was all over it.

My kids are book addicts. They love the library, reading, and listening to me tell stories. I was so excited when our books arrived, but not as much as my kids! You would have thought a real live princess or super hero walked through the door. They were jumping up and down, squealing with excitement.

Usborne Books

One of the things I love about Usborne books is that you can pick the age or school level of your child as well as their interests and the shop will populate the books your child might like! Jael is a preschooler and Elijah is two, and I told Amber that Jael liked princesses and Elijah liked anything that went, “Vroom!” :) The books we received were SO fun!

Usborne books

The quality of these books are amazing. I seriously went online right away to look at what ones we might purchase. The stories are so creative and they are super educational. This was my favorite. Because while Jael is thinking she is playing princess, she really is learning hand-eye coordination, matching skills, and so much more. These books are high quality and are so worth the wait to get the box at your door!

Usborne booksUsborne books Usborne booksUsborne books

We love our books and are so excited to get more. You can see their selection here and learn more about Usborne.

Usborne books

Amber is generously giving away one Wipe Clean book! Open to U.S. only. Good luck! I received these books free of charge in return for my honest review. I would never promote anything on my blog that I didn’t love, so you can rest assured that the products I endorse here are ones I enjoy.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you!