5 Things I Need for My Quiet Time

5 Things I Need for My Time With Jesus

I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me, you have a hard time with your quiet time. Not in the sense of desire. I definitely have the desire to spend time with Jesus, but let’s face it…LIFE.

Right? I mean, so much is going on that even if you could get up before the kids, you’re just too dang tired to drag yourself out of bed. This is me. I LOVE the morning. The early morning. The sun-just-woke-up, dew on the grass, early morning. I used to be in the habit of getting up early, but got out of habit when late nights, puking kids, and grad school interrupted my sleep. Plus, after sleeping through the night for the past three years, my four year old daughter gets up in the middle of the night every night to pee (often more than once and often once 5 minutes before my morning alarm). So I don’t sleep all night anymore.

Its just hard.

Lately, I have been trying to get back in the habit again and I have 5 must-have things for my quiet time that I hope will encourage you in yours.

1. My Bible

Well, duh. This is a given, right? Okay, yes, but the type of Bible I use is really important to me. I’m a highlighter. A note taker. And my Bibles get all marked up with use. So when I found this journal Bible that has columns on the side margins for note taking, I quickly bought it. I love having spots to write clarification or references and this gives the space to do so. It also has a handy little band that wraps around the bible to hold it shut.

2. A journal

I like writing my prayers out. I don’t journal every time I read my Bible, but when I have something specific on my heart or something I just need to spill out, I grab my journal. I got this journal recently because it was a thick wire bound one and I wanted a journal that would last me a while [even though I am a journal hoarder…because #targetdoesitagain.].

I also recently ordered this prayer journal from Val Marie Paper on Etsy to keep track of the things I am praying for. I LOVE that it has different sections for different genres of prayers. Things like: the world, the nation, my loves, my family, my friends, hurts, personal, and extra blank sections for things you want to keep track of. I found myself feeling overwhelmed with all the hurt and needs I hear about and see and loved this solution for writing down prayer needs and praises that I could lift up.

3. Morning & Evening

I always have loved a good devotional book, and Morning & Evening by Charles Spurgeon is amazing. I LOVE this book. It has a reading for the morning and another for the evening every single day. And you guys, they are SO GOOD. They speak straight to my heart. And there is something about old English that just makes it so much richer. Definitely a must buy. [You can also get this for 99 cents on Kindle!]

4. Apps

There are so many amazing apps on the market that sometimes its hard to find just one that you love. Here are a few that enhance my Jesus time:

  • She Reads Truth App – This app was just recently released and its SO amazing! Its beautiful, contains devotionals, wallpapers to download, and a Bible to use. It really is a must have for your iPhone [soon to come to Android] and its FREE!
  • Morning & Evening App – This is the Morning & Evening devotional I mentioned above but in app form! It offers all the same reading material, a sharing feature, highlighting, saving a devotional for easy reference, and its also FREE!
  • Webster Dictionary App – This is simply a free dictionary app. Sometimes I don’t know all the words. I know. Suprising.


I think the most important thing I have to have for my time with Jesus is grace. I have two kids, both under four and not in school [yet]. I could beat myself up over the fact that I am inconsistent and seem to value sleep over my relationship with God, but after doing that, I realize that this is just the enemy lying to me. Its not about works. I pray a LOT. And I really try. And I think that God honors that. He knows my season and my heart. So I try to give myself grace and work towards easy solutions when I hear the lies that I am not doing enough.

What are the things you need for your time with Jesus? What do you struggle with?


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  4. Kent Faver says

    Thanks for this post Erin. Josh from Becoming Minimalist linked to it and here I am. May I suggest one App? After years of talking, thinking and praying about meditation – I finally began to do it in 2014 and it has transformed my quiet time like nothing else.

    I use a free app called Insight Timer. There is a paid version, but I use the free one. I don’t think I would be where I am in terms of meditation without this app- and, honestly, I’m not really even an App person. God bless.

    • Erin Lauray says

      Thank you for the tip, Kent! I will look into it. I used to feel badly that I rely on my iPhone for so much, but I had to remind myself that these apps were enhancing my life and helping me to focus on what matters most. Thank you so much for stopping by! Look forward to seeing you around here! :)

  5. says

    Coffee. You forgot to list coffee. :) That’s a must for MY morning quiet time, anyway!

    Came here via Becoming Minimalist. I am starting the same journey you talk about in “Fresh Start” and I feel like I will be visiting here often for inspiration.

    • Erin Lauray says

      OH YES. How could I forget that? I must’ve not had my morning coffee. ha! So glad to have you and am honored to be a part of what inspires you. :)

  6. says

    Oh goodness this is such a struggle for me! I need more desire honestly. I feel it, but sometimes I rather do other things which is so silly! I have a journal Bible as well, which my husband got for me when were dating. I also need my journal close by and coffee! Thanks for sharing this and I just downloaded the morning and evening app!

    • says

      I totally get that. When I was in high school, one of my youth leaders wisely said, “You allowed to admit to God that you need the desire to spend time with Him.” When I feel lack of desire, I remember this. Sometimes I even pray for the desire to desire Him! Haha