LOVEly Desktop Backgrounds

Love is in the air! I really love Valentine’s Day for so many reasons. Not just the typical romantic love [although, I am one lucky lady to have my stud-muffin hubby :) ], but the love I have for my children, family, friends, and the Lord. So many reasons to celebrate those relationships!

Since I have been talking about self-hatred, I think it is also important to remember to love yourself. So I made these desktop wallpapers so you have a daily reminder that you are valuable, loved, and important. Enjoy!

TalkToSelfLove-Mock Love&Belonging-Mock

Click here to download the sparkly hearts wallpaper. Click here to download the red hearts wallpaper. Once you do this, right click on your image to save it to your computer. :) BIG thanks to Shay Cochrane for the LOVELY images. :)