Breathe: 31 Moments With God

As a mom, your time is not your own. You are at the constant mercy of your precious babes. Diapers, snacks, lunch, fights, questions, help…it is relentless some days just how many decisions and thoughts a mom might have. I find that many days, I set my alarm to get up at 6am to get a couple hours in before the kids are up. Often, my intention is Jesus first then the to-do list. But many days, my list gets the best of me and overwhelm convinces me that I need to tackle the tasks first.

Breathe - 31 Moments with God

This devotional is for the mom who is too busy but needs Jesus. The way Jaimie lovingly encourages through the messages in her devotional are the words moms need to hear. In short devotionals intended to only take a few minutes, she is able to articulate the Word of God in a way that is refreshing to the weary mom’s spirit. I highly recommend this wonderful book! You can find it on Kindle (only $3.99 tomorrow!!) or in print (only $8.99).

I received a copy of this book on Kindle in exchange for my honest review.


  1. says

    I totally know what you mean. I have to mentally shut my list out of my mind until I do some prayer and reading of the Word otherwise I know the computer will swallow me while my kiddo wakes up. Love your blog, especially the #Simplify section :) (Visiting from Breathe Book Release Party – Everything SAHM)

    • Erin Lauray says

      Thank you Marisela! I totally get that. I too get lost in my computer if I don’t start out in the Word first. Just this morning, I felt the tug to get on my phone and computer even during study and prayer! Yikes! I know that as I make my morning routine more of a habit, this tug will start to fade [or so I hope!]. Thank you for visiting! I’m glad you like my blog! :)