Holiday Health

Every year, without fail, it seems my kids are super sick for the months of December and January. Last year, they got sick every other week for three months. This year, praise GOD, they have yet to get sick. We’ve implemented some changes like drinking a probiotic drink, taking a daily multi-vitamin, being more diligent with hand washing, and staying home when we hear of friends who are sick or if one of us is feeling run down.

One specific thing I have been really excited about is my new Braun Thermometer. I have those flimsy $5 electric thermometers that you can stick in the kids’ mouth, under their arm, or in their bum. But quite honestly, I couldn’t keep track of where each one had been, if you know what I mean, so even though I cleaned them after using them, I was hesitant to accidentally put one in a child’s mouth that had been to…erm…the dark side. ;)

When I received my Braun forehead thermometer, I was super excited. The kids immediately asked if I could take their temp over and over! It is great quality, very easy to use, and kind of fun for the kids!

I highly recommend this thermometer, especially if you have kiddos. It remembers the last temperature you took so its easy to keep track of your child’s progress in getting better! It retails for $51.99, but right now you can get a $10 online rebate that makes it super affordable.