Having Kids is Exhausting

I sit here…should be making dinner. Should be tidying up. But I’m not. Why? I’m tired.

And the moms all collectively sighed together. Can I just say that I admire each of you? I mean we’re all in the same boat, but knowing what I personally do every day and how I know that each of you probably experience the same…I applaud you. Mom, you’re doing good. 

I'm tired

One thing I tell my husband all the time when I stomp my childish foot and refuse to make another decision [I just don’t want to decide, you decide]: I make decisions all day for three people. Most people just have to make decisions for themselves. But a mom who stays home with her kids all day is making a decision every second. Checking the time. Making sure nap isn’t missed. Or snack. Or lunch. Starting dinner on time. Deciding if it is a good time to go to the park. Should I let the kids watch tv for a bit?

Always something. And it gets exhausting at the end of the day, yeah? That’s why moms are so tired. A quote by Sophia Loren I read once said, “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” Multiply that for how many people you take care of. The other day after a particularly rough day, I cried to my husband. What’s wrong with me??

And his oh-so-wise response? You’re human. We all have something wrong with us. That’s why we need Jesus. You’re doing a good job, honey.

As I contemplate those heavy words today, I’m reminded to cut myself some slack. But, I am also reminded of just how heavily I need to lean on Jesus. I can’t afford to miss time with him. To miss a moment where I can offer up a prayer. I can’t afford it. My sanity, heart, spirit, parenting, and life depend on it.



  1. leah martinez says

    i agree completely. my 2013 lessons show me that too. i cannot afford to go a day without spending time with Him. it makes motherhood and everything else easier.