Easy Choco-Chip Cheesecakes

Since discovering my intolerance to gluten, the dessert part of my life has become almost non existent. I mean, if I am being honest, I cried to my husband a couple days ago that I hate being gluten free. Having to always be the one to decide where to go out for dinner, what to eat, starve while everyone around me is eating delicious chewy bagels [happened the morning of the day that I cried…so makes sense, yeah?], and never getting to enjoy a birthday party because I am left out of pretty much all of the food choices. That’s kind of the way it is everywhere. It sucks.

Whenever I have craved something, I always have to find out how to make it in a way that is safe for me to eat. There are so many moments that I just want to toss all caution aside and devour an entire doughy pizza all by myself or eat an entire loaf of warm french bread alone in the closet. But it just can’t happen. The reaction that my body has when consuming gluten of any kind is horrendous. And it just has been getting worse as I get older. Headache hits first, then a bloated stomach…not long after is the bone-deep fatigue that makes me feel like nothing is worth expending energy for, brain fog that makes it literally impossible to concentrate on anything, body aches, heart palpitations, nose sores [ewww, I’m sorry], MAJOR irritability…its just simply not worth it. And in those weakest moments where I sneak a bite of mac-n-cheese from my kids, its regret beyond comprehension.

One thing that has been especially hard is missing the enjoyment of those comfort foods that I could once eat. Things like chicken and dumplings, cheesecake, spaghetti, french bread, donuts, biscuits, cookies, cake…I mean, torture I tell you!!! I have been lucky to make some friends [blog friends, hello!! *waves*] that have shared good recipes that allow me to enjoy those comfort foods occasionally. But dessert. Y’all…I am a salt lover, but some days, I just want a cookie. And when gluten free Oreos or another yummy variety are $6 for a small package, I just would rather go without.

So when I heard about Pillsbury’s new gluten free line, including not just chocolate chip cookie dough, but also pizza dough and pastry dough, I almost ran to the store in my bare feet! I immediately went to the store and bought some and made desserts that I never thought I would taste again. [Apple pie, anyone??] And at a reasonable price of under $5, it easily became my go-to quick and delicious dessert option. Even my husband and kids couldn’t tell the ingredients were gluten free! [High five, dough boy!]

And then when I had the opportunity to work with Pillsbury and promote their gluten free line, I was like, “OH YEAH!” I am super excited to share with y’all today about a recipe I came up with using Pillsbury gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough. Now tell me, do you like chocolate chip cookies? And do you like cheesecake? How about butterscotch? Well, prepare to be amazed, friends…I give you an easy gluten free dessert with only 5 ingredients!

5 Ingredient Choco-Chip Cheesecakes // erinlauray.com

5 Ingredient Choco-Chip Cheesecakes


5 Ingredient Choco-Chip Cheesecakes

First, preheat oven to 350 degrees and fill a cupcake tin with wrappers. This is highly recommended because it will be 150 billion times easier to remove from the tin if you use liners! Then fill each cup about 1/3 full with Pillsbury gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough. Bake according to package directions.

5 Ingredient Choco-Chip Cheesecakes

While baking, combine two room temperature packages of cream cheese and two eggs in a batter bowl [I LOVE mine! :)] and beat until incorporated. Add vanilla and sweetened condensed milk and mix until creamy. It will be runny.

5 Ingredient Choco-Chip Cheesecakes 5 Ingredient Choco-Chip Cheesecakes

Once cookies are done baking, using a small scoop or batter dispenser, pour cheesecake mixture onto baked cookie crusts till about 3/4 full. The crusts do not have to be cooled to do this. Bake the cheesecakes for 17 minutes and remove from oven. Allow to cool on a cooling rack or cookie sheet and then place the cookie sheet of cheesecakes in the refrigerator for a few hours. I recommend overnight, but 3-4 hours should do the trick if you’re in a hurry. And voila!

5 Ingredient Choco-Chip Cheesecakes // erinlauray.com

Now, to make these 100 times more sinfully delicious, I bought a jar of butterscotch topping. [So I guess that makes this recipe 6 ingredients, but hey, whatevs. Six ingredients is a win in my book.] Drizzle butterscotch on top and enjoy. Makes 40 cheesecakes.

5 Ingredient Choco-Chip Cheesecakes // erinlauray.com

These are so amazing that the entire batch was gone in less than a week. I’m not kidding you…when I ate the last two, my husband came home and said, “Did you eat the last two cheesecakes????” with the sound of jealously and irritation in his voice. Seriously, they are good enough to spark a marital conflict. ;) I’m only partially kidding…he really did want me to save him one though. ;)

Thank you to Pillsbury for sponsoring this post! I really am excited that I got to work with a brand and product that is something I believe in and truly love. All opinions and statements are mine. Go to Pillsbury’s website for more info on their new gluten free products and visit their Pinterest board for more fun recipes!


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    Mmmm! I really like cheesecake, and never thought to make cheesecake on top of cookie dough! This is a great idea, thanks for sharing with the Linqia community!