Wear – Stitch Fix #2

So, I had a pretty disillusioned experience with Stitch Fix when I got my first fix. If I am being honest, I was SUPER excited to get my box, LOVED the stuff in my box, but could not afford anything. The cheapest item was a pair of earrings that I didn’t like and the items I did want were out of my price range for individual items. BUT, I decided to go ahead and try it again. Your stylists only know what to style you with based on your profile, so the more info and feedback you give them, the better the fixes get.

Stitch Fix

My fix arrived in the afternoon one day last week, and I was bummed because my kids were up and I was unshowered. lol! You always want to feel good and not worry about peanut butter smears when trying on clothes, so I had to wait until my husband got home! #torture


When I started pulling the items out of my box, I began to get excited again. My stylist really listened to my desire for lower priced items. And the box just got better. I ended up picking only one item because I wanted to save some of my referral credit for another box. I just wasn’t in love with all the items, so I sent most of it back. HOWEVER, and its a big however, I really regret sending back two of the items that I did. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

Stitch Fix

This first shirt really went with my style. It was a sheer fabric and the colors were navy and coral. It really was a pretty shirt. I ended up not keeping it because the length was right at my waistline and the collarbone area (stripes along the top) actually felt tight too.

Status: Sent Back – WISH I WOULD HAVE KEPT


This shirt I actually didn’t care for. The material was 100% polyester and was kind of slinky. I do not like that kind of fabric. Plus, I didn’t really care for the way it fit.

Status – Sent Back


This shirt. Oh this shirt. I almost kept this one. I really really like it and really regret sending it back. I wasn’t super in love with the color, but I loved the fit and the 3/4 tab sleeve is perfect for the “cool” Arizona days where long sleeves aren’t really necessary but bare shoulders isn’t a good idea. I also loved the fabric and feel of the whole shirt. […tear…]

Status – Sent Back – WISH I WOULD HAVE KEPT


Status – Kept

Sorry about the awful picture. I couldn’t get a good shot because the cardi is so dark. I actually really loved this open cardigan. Its blue and falls very nicely. The length is just perfect for a tunic and tights or a cute blouse and jeans. It really is a great piece and I am glad I kept it. This is actually a pic of when I wore it last week when we went to see Lion King on broadway, and the cardigan was just lovely dressed up. :)

I also got a grey maxi skirt, but it turned out to be a bit see through, and with my curves and booty, it would have been a peep show. SO, I didn’t even try it on. I was too afraid of feeling poorly about my body if I saw myself in it. Wah. I have another fix scheduled a couple weeks from now and had some suggestions for my stylist. So I am hoping the next fix is even better!

Do you want to try Stitch Fix? Sign up here using my referral link! I am not paid by Stitch Fix to write this post, but I do get a referral credit if you sign up. And once you sign up and schedule a fix, you can start referring your own customers to get your own referral credit! :)


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    Ah, I want to do another stitch fix, but totally not in the budget right now. Also, why can’t I see the pic of what you kept? I’m confused ha :)