Happy Paper Co. Update


A couple months back, I had the idea and dream to make some income from home doing design work — but on a less committed scale. My life has taken a new speed, and I wanted to do less blog design because of the demand. But I enjoyed designing, so I wanted to think of a way that I could still design but do it more on my own time. In came Happy Paper Co. A place to celebrate life with happy products — products like cell phone cases, cards, notepads, and more. I was so excited, got the website up, advertized the Facebook page, and even got business cards to hand out at the Influence Conference.

But just a couple days after coming home from the conference, I started grad school. And I quickly realized that I can’t do all the things. I could try, but none would be done well. So I started praying about what would get cut out or shelved for now and what would stay. And, I bet you’ve guessed it, Happy Paper Co. is getting shelved for now. I was so excited, and I still believe in the potential in this company. But I just can’t do it all. The Facebook page will be disabled for now, the email subscription will be paused, and the Twitter account will not get updated. I have other parts of my heart and dreams that are more important right now, and when you realize that you’re suffering from trying to do it all, you also realize its not worth it.

Do I want to provide bright and cheerful products to celebrate the joy in your life? Of course! But do I also feel called to grad school and marriages and families? Even more!! There are parts of me that don’t want to give up the design side of my life. But sometimes you have to make sacrifices for some greater calls of your life. I am a wife, mom, student, and friend. I am a blogger and writer and desire to do these things well. So a fond “see you later” to my little business. I hope to be able to be creative in the future, but I know that this is the path that the Lord has for me right now.

If you would, please pray for the things in my life to streamline even further so I can give attention to the good and wonderful things. xo


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    Good for you! Seriously, that would be so much on your plate and its admirable that you knew and decided to put something on hold for something you have more passion for!

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    Oh, girl, I understand. Kudos to you for realizing where your limits are. The good news is… Happy Paper Co. will have its day. Actually, I wish I could help. I have time to devote to running a shop, customer service, etc. but I have zero design abilities. But, even if you outsourced the running of the shop, you’d still have to find the time to design. Anyway, it was just a random thought. Will happily continue to follow you on your journey, wherever it takes you.