Reader Feature – Chalkboard Fridge!

Its SO much fun to receive emails from readers who have followed my Chalk Board Painted Fridge post. So here I wanted to share a picture from a reader who was very pleased with her finished product!

amy_billington fridge

THANK YOU for inspiring us to paint our fridge with chalkboard paint today!! It’s amazing and our kids love it… Especially 2 yr old Layla! It’s literally brilliant! Kids love it. We love it. £5 and our fridge is transformed!!

-Amy, London, UK

How fun is that? All the way from London! :) Thanks for sharing Amy! I love it! :) You can find Amy on Twitter at @Amy_Billington:)


  1. Pat Reimers says

    I was gifted an older fridge a few years ago and even tho it worked well, it was ugly. I decided that I couldn’t hurt anything by painting it. I painted it bubble gum pink! Over the next couple years, it was turquoise, mint green, cherry red, barn red, and pale pink. The only time I primered was when I pained over the red. I painted with a roller and latex paint. I bought a new white fridge about 3 years ago and I’ve been itching to paint it! Can’t wait to decide what color!!

    • Erin Lauray says

      How fun!! Its so awesome to be creative with things like this! :) xo