#31Days – Influence

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#31Days of ProvisionMany of you know that about a month ago, I attended the Influence Conference. This conference was a dream come true for me and a well answered prayer. Back in April, I was fervently praying for a time of refresh for myself. I had been feeling like I was piled up to my eyeballs in kid and family stuff, and I wanted some much needed time alone. I had always wanted to attend the Influence Conference, but the cost was too much for our family.

After praying a LOT about it, I connected with a girl who was selling her ticket. I offered a new blog design in exchange for her conference pass, and to my surprise, she said yes! I talked to Joseph before officially telling her my info to transfer the ticket, and he told me that we would just pray for the Lord to provide the additional needs (plane ticket, hotel cost, meals). I was overjoyed! So as the time got closer and I started to research flights, I got nervous! Flights were in the $300 range, and I wasn’t sure how we were going to afford it.

In June, I turned 28 and Joseph took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, True Food Kitchen. He had been teasing me about what he got me for my birthday but had only brought a card, so I wasn’t sure what he was planning. When I opened the card, he told me that he wanted me to use an upcoming bonus he was getting from work to buy my plane ticket. This money had been earmarked for something else, so I was in tears. He told me he wanted to support my dreams and believed in everything I did. ;) […tear…]

So at this point, I had my ticket, my plane ticket, and just had to cover my hotel stay and meals and I would be all set. Up until the weekend before the conference, I thought I’d had the money set aside for those things. But when some unexpected expenses came up, I was left with zilch. I was nervous. I had estimated that my hotel and meals would cost me about $300 and that wasn’t money we had. Funny how needing all four new tires comes up right around the same time as an important trip?? ;)

So at the last minute the week before the trip, I decided to have an Instagram sale. It took me two hours to take pictures and then another hour to upload them all to my account. It was a flop. I made about $40 on the sale, but after shipping, it came to about $30. So then, on a Friday night, I decided to have a yard sale the next morning. I busted my booty, sweating and laboring in our garage sorting baby clothes, adult clothes, and all the other stuff I wanted to get rid of. I got up early Saturday, set all the stuff out, got eaten all morning by mosquitoes, and closed down shop an hour early because of the cruel Arizona heat. And when I added up all my dollars after the InstaSale and yard sale, I came to $310. How great is GOD?

I was overjoyed at the provision and how not a dollar of that $300 had to come out of our bank account. And the conference?? It changed my life. It changed my perspective….and I was refreshed. I thank the Lord for that trip. It was such a blessing to me in so many ways. And it taught me about how the Lord loves to give good gifts to his children. xo