#31Days – Another New Job

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#31Days of Provision

When we moved to and back from Texas, my husband worked for a company that he loved. He believed in the product [still does], has tons of stuff from that brand, and felt confident in his position there. But last summer, when he started hearing rumors of this company opening an outlet store literally across the street from his store location, he became worried. What would happen to his store? After some shady “We’re not closing your store!” reassurances, he was informed that his store would be closing  within a couple months.

After discussing things with his boss and HR, his only option was to take a positional demotion [because there weren’t any manager positions open for him] and move to a new store. He had worked so hard to get where he was, he was disappointed in the fact that he would have to take a step down to stay with the company. So he started looking for a new job. He prayed about it and we resolved to the fact that if he didn’t find anything, having a well-paying job was a blessing, regardless of his position.

As he was searching, he found a listing to work with Nike. Being a sporty guy, this was his dream. What athletic sports fan wouldn’t love working for Nike? We also had heard that Nike had an extremely low turn-over rate and that it was an amazing company to work for. Well, Joseph being the people-lover that he is, decided to go into the store where the position was available and meet the manager. He networked. He developed relationship. And before he even submitted an application, the manager at the store was already committed to hiring him.

This may seem like a small provision, but in my eyes, it was just another way the Lord was telling us, “I hear you. I see you.” The position with Nike has been a little over a year now and Joseph loves it. He loves his job, the opportunities, and hello the clothes and shoes!!! [Which can be bad for our wallet, honestly. ;) ] But in this situation, we would have been fine staying with the old company. But in Joseph’s desire to find somewhere that he wouldn’t be demoted and cast aside, the Lord heard and provided. xo