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#31Days of ProvisionThe Lord sure has a sense of humor…because when we fianlly moved back from Texas to Arizona, I was 33 weeks pregnant. It was like THE final hour! Lol…I was able to fly home but Joseph and some family members drove everything we owned back from Texas and arrived in Arizona late into the night. They unloaded everything into Joseph’s grandmother’s garage. She had generously given us the two extra bedrooms she had so that we could stay there while we searched for a place to live.

It was an interesting set-up, but we were grateful to be home. After a year and a half away from everything going on and all we knew, we were so excited to be home and bring our son into the world. But we knew that we needed a place to live. I was feeling super anxious [combination of end of pregnancy jitters, nesting, and simply wanting to settle in our own home].

I can tell you that my stay in “Gigi’s” [Joseph’s grandmother] house was mixed. She was wonderful. She was sympathetic to my pregnancy cravings, our needs as a family, and our privacy. It was a wonderful situation. But the reason it was mixed, was that I didn’t have my own home. I longed to find something that we could move all our stuff into and finally start putting the nursery together. It had more to do with my heart and mind than the situation.

So I searched listings. I was on home sites all the time trying to find things we could live in. Most of the time the price wasn’t right, the location was too far, or it simply got rented quickly! We had an amount we were hoping to pay in rent, but couldn’t get a grasp on anything. I was getting nervous when we had been there for three weeks and still had found nothing. Can you imagine? It may not seem like a big deal, but it sure felt like one!

We had called on so many places. It was starting to feel like we would be in this weird transition forever.

One day, we were leaving to meet family for lunch when I spotted a “For Rent” sign in the neighborhood. I had become a rental sign ninja. :) Joseph immediately called and left a message for the agent to call us back. In the middle of lunch, Joseph gets a phone call. The agent informs him that he was the first to call on it [which she received a bunch of calls after him!], the price, and when it was available. The price was the exact amount we had been praying to find, was available the date we were ready to move, and was five minutes from Joseph’s job! It was a dream come true. A prayer answered.

So that day, we went and viewed it [gorgeous], put down a deposit, and made plans to move into the home a couple weeks later. Amazingly, we have been in this home for 18 months now and it has been wonderful. While we want to move and live closer to where Joseph works now, we know it was an answer by God to our prayer for somewhere to live [again]. As you can see thus far, we have had so many times that the Lord has come through. Its a matter of getting the knowledge of His provision down into my heart. xo


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    Love this :) Reading your story has been so encouraging. It’s good to remember that God will sometimes take us right to the brink of what we can handle or when we need something before providing in just the way we need–even if that provision doesn’t come in the form we were looking for (like in your earlier house posts).