#31Days – A Job, A Baby, & A Move

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#31Days of ProvisionMy husband works in retail. Not the job he has always dreamed of for himself, but the Lord has worked wonders on Joseph’s heart and has brought him to a place where he loves what he does. For however long the Lord has Joseph in retail, he is grateful. :)

A little before our short sale finally closed, we had an 6-month-old baby (Jael), Joseph had received a promotion at work, and began working in his new position in early August of 2010. One day shortly after, he came home and asked me if I would ever be willing to relocate. I was surprised about this since he had just started in his new position, but moving somewhere new was always something I had wanted to do, so we started talking about it.

The interesting part about this was that I had a dream that the Lord had very specifically told me meant that Joseph’s newest promotion was extremely temporary. This dream came before Joseph informed me about the possibility of relocating. The Lord was preparing my heart for a quick and rapid change in Joseph’s job situation.

The most important thing to us in this possibility was that the LORD would make things happen and not us. Sure, Joseph had to send in his resume and officially apply, follow up, and interview. But we wanted the Lord to open the doors and move where He willed. Our prayer was that in the end, we could stand saying that God did it and we did not. Up to this point, we were done with trying to do things our way all the time.

Well, I can honestly tell you, the new job and relocation from Arizona to Texas were all orchestrated by the Lord. He did it and blessed us. Countless details — moving funds, finding a place to live there, Joseph’s new job, people visiting us, our short sale finishing in time to move — it was all amazing. And all to the glory and praise of God. He did it all.

While living in Texas, the Lord worked on our hearts. The upheaval had begun. He pruned and refined so many parts of our lives. I changed. Joseph changed. And so many things we had believed about ourselves, the Lord, and life were changed to reflect the truth of God’s word. What we saw and experienced in church community and friendships built into us something new and fresh that revived our tired hearts. I believe that it took removing us from our comfort zone at home and placing us in an unfamiliar place for us to learn about new friendships and how to form them (and maintain valuable old ones back home). He taught us so many things about community, love, and how to function as a family unit.

I did miss home. I missed my sisters and family. Skype wasn’t enough to show Jael’s grandparents how she was growing. So about a year after being there, I started talking about moving back home. Yes, I know that God moved us out there and if I had put a bit more effort into our experience there, I could have dug my roots down deep. But I was homesick. And was newly pregnant with our second child. I didn’t want to be away from home with a new baby and a toddler and be all alone. So I began to pray. But my prayers reflected what the Lord was teaching me. Lord, if we are supposed to go back to Arizona, please open doors. But if you want us to stay here, you’re going to have to change my heart BIG time because I am struggling and don’t want to be here anymore.

My heart had changed from an attitude of “God please do this” to “Please do this, but if not, sustain me.” And to our surprise, six months later, the doors began opening for us to go back home. We had to pay our own way, but Joseph had a job with the same company when we got back. We had a place to stay temporarily while we looked for a home. And so we did it. We moved from Texas back to Arizona. Its crazy for me to realize now just how we had almost exactly what it would take for us to move back. And God sustained us through it all.

There are days that I miss where we lived. And days that I just miss Texas. With it’s southern hospitality, fierce sports loyalties, and seasons…but I am grateful for the Lord providing, yet again, something that we longed for. xo


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    I love this line: My heart had changed from an attitude of “God please do this” to “Please do this, but if not, sustain me.” So good. Thanks for sharing this.