#31Days – A Promotion

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#31Days of ProvisionUp until the end of college and getting married, my life had been pretty privileged. My parents paid for my car insurance and car, my cell phone, and any money I earned was mine to be completely irresponsible with. Unfortunately, in my heart, this grew shallow roots in the area of God’s provision, and when it came for my faith in Him in that area to be tested, my roots were ripped up and strewn about.

When the Lord so gently started to show me how He would always provide, I resisted. I didn’t want to do the things I didn’t want to do, and I wanted to do whatever I wanted. So in my job hunt, I didn’t approach anything that had to do with food service. I was determined to find another job in an office setting.

Meanwhile, Joseph was working hard and really trying to take on extra work so that he could get overtime to help our situation. One thing the Lord showed me is that sometimes He provides even when our trust is faltering. His provision does not rely on our faith to bring it about. Sure, praying and calling upon the Lord in our time of need is what He wants us to do. He wants us to depend on Him and acknowledge that He is the source of life. But sometimes, when He sees our heart hurting and weary, He steps in without us asking. Because that is what a loving Father does.

Joseph had a conversation with a ministry friend of ours and told him all about the hard season we were in. This friend listened carefully and empathetically. After Joseph was finished, his friend said, “Sounds to me like you need to just get out of God’s way.” Joseph came home and relayed this to me. Joseph then told me about how he felt like the Lord was using our friend to tell us to just chill and let God work it out. In Joseph’s striving and my worrying, we weren’t trusting the Lord to be true to His promises to provide for us.

Again, like we had seen already, God stepped in. It wasn’t in a dramatic way with fireworks that echoed a boom in our hearts to show us what His plan was. It was simply a small promotion for Joseph that came with a raise. One afternoon we were sitting in a Starbucks that my old manager [from when I used to work there that I loved and was close with] was now managing came up to me while we were visiting and asked where I was working and how life was. When I sheepishly admitted that I was unemployed, he hired me on the spot. I didn’t want to go back, but it turned out to be a major blessing and one of the funnest periods of my life.

Whether it is a miraculous surprise with a fabulous condo to live in or a sheepish confession in the corner of a coffee shop, God is in the details. Now, when I look back, it is unbelievably amazing how God’s hand is so evident in the path of our family. I hope you’ll continue to join me this month as I share how God has provided time and time again for our family. And how He is the same Lord for you and will provide for your needs. xo