#31Days – More Than You Hope or Imagine

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#31Days of ProvisionTwo weeks. Not a very long time to find a place to live. Not enough time to save up a deposit. [Remember my horrid money habits? $38 doesn’t save an apartment, y’all.] And I was a controlling, I’ve-got-this [complete with George Lopez chest smacking], perfectionist that wouldn’t admit that I had dropped the ball. Seriously. Not only dropped the ball, but ran it over with a truck, lit it on fire, and blew it up. It felt awful.

So when Joseph decided we needed to do something, I was grateful to give the control over to him. I was fracturing deeper and deeper by the moment, my daily sob fests turning from crying to high pitched wailing. Joseph made the decision for us to fast and pray. So fast and pray we did.

I was lying on my bed in my parents’ home, crying [this is the theme], and praying. It was more like an occasional sentence uttered to the Lord before the crying took over again. All I could do was sit in the Lord’s presence and empty myself. I was done. And the emotions already overtaking me from the coming wedding were mixing with the near-fracturing stress and worry I was letting consume me.

As I was lying there, Joseph called me and prayed with me. I was at rock bottom. A couple days passed. I didn’t see any changes. Until one evening where I was planning on hanging out with Joseph and he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I was confused because surprise dates were not really financially possible in those last few days before the wedding. But as we drove, the story that Joseph started to tell me made my heart drop into my stomach.

The day that we had fasted and prayed, Joseph had gone out to his truck to pray during his lunch break. He was asking the Lord what we were going to do and to provide. When his time was over, he went back in to work. As he got back into his tasks, he got into conversation with a woman who worked there a few hours a week. And the question that came out of her mouth began a surprising turn of events in our search for a home.

“So, did you guys ever find a place to live?” Woah. As Joseph explained to her that we were still looking, she said, “Well, my husband and I have a one bedroom condo that he rarely uses for work that you guys might be able to use.” What the WHAT? When Joseph got to this point in the story, tears started spilling and I shouted, “Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!” He went on to say that the condo was on a golf course in a very nice area of the city. Her husband used the bedroom for his office but was willing to clean it out so we could live there. She also said that in their early years, they had uttered bedroom floor prayers for the Lord’s help and because someone had helped them, they were always willing to be that divine help for someone else. They wanted to rent it to us for only $700 a month and they would pay our utilities.

I was blown away. And the place he wouldn’t tell me we were going was this condo. Y’all, this place was gorgeous. They even had furniture in the condo that we could use [bookshelves, decorations, etc.]. Can you believe that??? The Lord not only provided a place for us to call home, but he surpassed our expectations and desires and gave us a gorgeous, luxury condo on a golf course, utilities free, for less than we could have ever paid for an apartment. He gave us more than we could have hoped or imagined. That same condo layout with a view rented for about $1,100 at the time. And that’s without electric, water, and HOA.

I don’t say this as bragging…I say this to the GLORY and PRAISE of the Lord!!!! Friends, He cares about our desires. He’s not going to give us everything we want all of the time, but He is a gracious and loving father who LOVES to give good gifts to his children. He loves to lavish us with His favor – whether that is physically or in His loving and constant presence. And a lesson I have been learning is that He blesses us regardless of our poor decisions. I am embarrassed to say that I will be sharing a couple more stories that include our monetary failures, but where I lack, He is great. And I am not afraid of my failures. Yes, they are embarrassing, but I want to share them to show you how God restored and picks up where we so severely lack. So I hope you can give me grace and understanding as I share these financial blunders and how God has provided through them. xo