Book Nerd – My Favorites Part 3

I am so excited to share part three of my 20 Favorite Dystopian Fiction series! You can read Part One and Part Two if you need to catch up! This next five collection of books is kind of a mash up of different styles. But with one of the book choices being 5 books long, today is really a nine book recommendation (by the writer of the Hunger Games!)!! Enjoy!

20 Favorite Dystopian Novels Part 3

The Third Five Favorites

11. Gregor the Overlander (Underland Chronicles) – FIVE books! (Book One, Book Two, Book Three, Book Four, Book Five)

What would you do if you fell through a grate in the floor of your apartment building’s laundry room that lead you to find a world of life-sized rats, cockroaches, and a royal underground kingdom in the grips of war and prophecies that predict your involvement? Overwhelming, right? Gregor finds himself in the midst of war and battle that threatens his life and family. The only way to get through it is to fight, fight for the ones he loves and for a kingdom that he has come to be a part of. This five book series leads the reader through a fascinating world and a thrilling story that will leave you devouring each page to the exciting end!

12. Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky

This book is eerily close to our current society. Maddy lives in a world where everything is done online — school, social meetups, everything — to the point that a face-to-face contact is rare and brings on anxiety. She is okay with this and actually prefers to keep to herself, until she meets Justin. He shows her a different way to live that causes her to question everything she’s ever known. This is an interesting story as it parallels many aspects of our current culture. Definitely a good read. :) I have yet to read the next books (it is a trilogy).

13. Eve by Anna Carey

What if the world’s population was diminished in a short amount of time by a fatal plague? What most of the world’s leaders were killed in this plague? Eve has lived most of her life in The Schools — a government issued school where orphaned girls live, sleep, and learn, never leave the school compound, and are taught to fear men, the wild, and anything opposing the King — believing in the glorious life offered after graduation in the glittering and fabulous City of Sand. But the night before graduation leads her to a discovery that rocks her world, her beliefs, and her future. She discovers what truly happens after graduation and is determined to leave the school and the life she has always known. A chance encounter with a male leaves her confused while on her way to discover truths that change her life forever. I finished all three of these books in five days! The author leaves you in suspense and unwilling to put the book down until you are finished!

14. Once by Anna Carey

15. Rise by Anna Carey

As usual, I am not going to share synopses of these two books because I don’t want to spoil anything. However, I want to warn you, there is a mild sex scene in one of them that I actually wondered if the individuals had sex or just kissed a lot. The author doesn’t go into great detail, but I felt like it was necessary to let you know. :) I didn’t find it “erotic” but that is just my opinion.

I hope you like these! They are some really good stories and I think you’ll like how they turn out! This post contains my affiliate links, but I wouldn’t be sharing these books if I didn’t LOVE them. The synopses are also written by me.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Share in the comments below! (Please write SPOILER ALERT at the beginning of your comment if you are going to share about any of the story details out of respect for the other readers! Thanks!)