Book Nerd – My Favorites – Part 1

Okay, so I am going out on a limb here…I am trusting that you won’t judge me. That you won’t think I secretly dress up as Katniss at night and run through my backyard pretending that I am in “The Games.” That you won’t think I have secret dreams of jumping off trains, living in a world where love is considered a disease, participating in a “Bachelor” type competition for a prince, or anything else. But I am going to tell you something about me. Something I am sort of embarrassed to admit.

I am a dystopian fiction addict.

Dystopian fiction is simply a fictional story based in a world/society where it has gone horribly bad. Take Hunger Games as an example. Usually it is after the downfall of the world or a specific country. So the stories tend to be around survival and are super interesting because the writer basically builds an entire new world. I don’t know why I like this type of fiction over normal fiction, but I do. But honestly, I just love fiction. I loooove a good story.

I simply can’t keep my hands off these books. Since the beginning of the year, I have read 28 books. Seriously. I read a book in like 2 days. I can knock one out in a day if I have the day to myself. So…if you ever need someone to, um, read something really fast…I’m your girl. I have no idea why you would need that, but hey… ;) Oh and I have three more sitting on my iBooks “shelf” waiting to be read. And out of these 30 something books, about 95% of them are dystopian fiction. I am a book nerd. Anyone else?

So I thought I would share with you my favorites. In case you are a book nerd like me… ;)

20 Favorite Dystopian NovelsThe First 5 Favorites

1. Delirium by Lauren Oliver

This book is set in a world where love is a disease. A treatment is administered to cure Amor Deleria Nervosa when a person turns 18 years old. After which, they will be matched with another cured person, attend college, and live a normal, love-less life. It is said that love is what fuels all evil – selfishness, hate, jealousy – and that the world is better without it. People caught “falling in love” are arrested and often given the cure early to prevent further contamination. Lena Halloway is excited for her cure. Terrified of the disease claiming her like it did her mother years ago, she looks towards her 18th birthday with hope. But before then, she meets Alex and it changes everything.

2. Requiem by Lauren Oliver

3. Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

I don’t want to give the synopses of these two books because it will give spoilers for the first book! But these two are my second and third recommendations. They are SO good. And lucky for you, the entire trilogy is already published and released, so no waiting for another to come out!

4. Exceptional  – Jess Petosa

In the year 2022, US scientists concoct a a serum that was designed to make humans better – stronger and faster. While they succeeded in creating this serum, they failed after accidentally creating airborne virus, killing 75% of the world’s population. The story follows Ally, an Ordinary living in a village outside the City. She has no super strength and is immune to the virus. Luke is an Exceptional living in the City. His ancestors were infected with the virus but lived, giving their genetic line exceptional qualities – super strength, hearing, and other special abilities. What happens when their two very different lives collide?

5. Rogue – Jess Petosa
Again, I don’t want to give away the second book, so just know it is a GREAT sequel to the first. The third book is not yet out.

I really hope you like these as much as I did. I have read through some of them again because I liked them so much. Now you can start your weekend with a couple good reads! Don’t forget to come back Monday for Part 2 and five more book recommendations! This post contains my affiliate links, but I wouldn’t be sharing these books if I didn’t LOVE them. The synopses are also written by me.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Share in the comments below! (Please write SPOILER ALERT at the beginning of your comment if you are going to share about any of the story details out of respect for the other readers! Thanks!)