Mail Day [#2]

Mail Day

Oh how I love mail. And since my last Mail Day post, some awesome #MailDayLove has happened. :)

When I first started blogging, I ran across Maggie’s sweet ruffly space. She inspired me. She is one of the first people who blessed me with encouragement through her online space without her even knowing. I can confidently say that through her blog and business, she is one of the people who helped me to start my online adventure – without which I may have never started [or taken a LOT longer to get where I am today]. She also was freshly planted in a new city away from family – a situation I was also in at the time. Her posts about home sickness spoke to me. Showed me I wasn’t alone in how I felt. And her sweet replies to my occasional comments showed me further just how much of a gem she is.


I am participating in a group of entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, business owners, who are working through fears we have and pushing towards greater things in our endeavors. This group is called The Start Experiment, put on by Jon Acuff. One of the things he challenged us to do one day was to write to someone that has encouraged us in our dreams. I instantly thought of Maggie. So I wrote to her a letter and told her what she has meant for my business and parts of my life. Her Instagram picture and her response made my heart happy. I was glad to have encouraged her back through thanking her for encouraging me.

That is really what this Mail Day is all about. Encouragement. Friendship. Sharing life. And my goal in all of this isn’t to make myself popular. It isn’t to get Instagram pictures of my letters. My goal is to send encouragement through a handwritten note. Everyone loves getting a letter! I know I do! And I want to share joy with people through that.

Which brings me to my next letter – this one came to me from a sweet new friend. I met Kara-Kae through the Influence Network. Somehow we just started Tweeting one another and from there we became roommates for this fall’s Influence Conference and I now consider her to be a friend. She is one of the people I feel that I can text a prayer need to and not question whether she will actually pray for it. And keep it in confidence. And ask me about it a bit later to see how things are going. She is just a sweet sweet person [and I can’t wait to hug her in real life!!].

Mail Day // Momdiggity

We were texting back and forth about something and came to exchanging addresses so that we could write to one another. I think we were both writing notes to people at the time and were like, “Do you want one too??” :) This led to me receiving one of the most encouraging letters ever. The words she wrote were like balm to my raw mommy spirit. Toddler and preschooler days are in my house, and I am often in need of kind words to reassure me that I am not going to go crazy or something. Her words were just that! She knew exactly what to say, and the Lord used her to lift up my heart.

I have gained so much from being in community online. I once heard Jessi from Naptime Diaries say once that sometimes online community is your only community for a season and that God loves the internet and is using it to encourage and love on his people. I feel that. When you’re a mom [or even not a mom] who stays home all day most days, it can feel very lonely. But the community of bloggers and women online that I have been blessed to get to know has been a true blessing for me in those moments where I need an ear to listen or a virtual hug.

So that is the fruit and purpose of Mail Day. I’d love for you to participate. It takes nothing on your part except to fill out this form and I will send you a letter. That is all. You don’t have to reply. You don’t have to Instagram it. Just receive it.



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    I love that you are doing this Erin! I’ve felt many times these past couple years (of being a mama and wife) that the only community I’ve had is the online community. It can be so encouraging! You’re so sweet to do this! I need to write more letters for sure!