Grill, Baby, Grill

You know those times that the Lord just reaches down and shows you point blank that he sees and hears you?? Well, we recently had that happen to us, and it was a smile and laugh kind of moment. When summer began (here in Arizona that’s like February…just kidding…but really…hotter temps start in mid-May), my husband and I would occasionally borrow my grandmother-in-law’s grill to beat the indoor heat that the oven would bring. [She lives 5 houses down from us.] After a few borrows, we started considering what it would look like to save up for one of our own. We could get a cheaper model one, or I even thought about waiting until Black Friday to snag a deal.

Well, as our little grill research was going on, we got a phone call from Joseph’s grandmother saying she had a friend who was moving and couldn’t bring her grill with her. She wanted to know if we wanted it. FREE.

Seriously?? We both looked at one another, smiled, and accepted. After he hung up the phone, we both laughed in disbelief. How good is God?

It got even better when we received the grill and to our surprise, it was a grill that retailed over $200. Whaaa??? I mean, for reals… Then, to add to the sweetness, Joseph’s grandmother bought us a grill cover and grill utensils [just because!] and his parents gave us an extra propane tank they had [and since I hadn’t ever owned a grill, I had no idea that purchasing a new tank would have been around $60!!].

So this past weekend, we went and filled the tank at a propane station and excitedly cleaned and used the grill for the first time. Total cost to us for this amazing gift?? $14 to fill the propane tank.

And I tell all this to you for two reasons….one, GOD HEARS. Even the small things. Even the things you want and don’t even think to pray for. And the second reason is, I wanted to share our dinner menu for the week. Because, y’all, we’re grilling every day. :)

So on our grill menu is:

Steak and Grilled Romaine Salad


Spicy Honey Porkchops (from our Fresh20 meal plan) with salad

Chicken and Grilled Corn


Chicken and Grilled Twice “Baked” Potatoes


I just want to encourage you that God sees you. I know (oh, how I know) that sometimes it doesn’t feel like He does. Sometimes, it seems like he sees everyone else and has somehow missed you in the crowd. But you haven’t been forgotten. Draw near to Him and pull close. Sometimes we just need to push through those dry seasons and will soon break into the sunshine.