Try, Try, Try


One of the things I have come to value in the past year or so is the freedom to try. Many things in the blogging realm [money making, shop opening, etc.] do not require much up front except a willing individual and a determined mindset. I have tried many things and failed. I have tried many things and succeeded. I feel like I have come to find just how fun the trying actually is.

There is a lesson and value in trying. There are also lessons and value to failing. But growth is always a good thing. As I’ve admitted before, pursuing things can be scary. Often, it can be scary enough to make you not want to do it. But as Dory in Finding Nemo says, “Well, you can’t never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him.”

You can’t let fear keep you from trying things. Sure, it will keep all those scary things you’ve imagined from happening. But it will also keep at an arm’s distance all the blessings that God just might have in store for you if you’d just take a step out and try.

I am a firm believer in starting businesses, blogs, and pursuing the life that you believe God has for you. But it takes a little guts on your part.

I was texting my sister last week about this. She is a photographer but has some fears about her business and goals. We were talking about them, and I was trying to encourage her. And you know what I kept saying over and over??

Do it! Do it! Do it!!!!!!

Do you believe you can do it? Do you have someone encouraging you that you can? Friend, I am here to be that cheerleader for you. I want you to know that I believe that if you put your mind, efforts, and energies into it, you can accomplish what God has set before you.

Please let me know in the comments if you’d like prayer for anything. Or even if you have a new business, have a new website, etc. that you want me to visit, I’d love to see! :) You can also let me know what you need here.

As a blog and web designer, I am passionate about setting the right foundation for your business. The appearance, logo, and general aesthetic feel of your blog and business can make a humongous impact on your success. If you’d like to chat more about how I can help you create the business of your dreams, contact me here. I’d love to help you get on track towards success!


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    I love this post. I totally just wrote one today almost exactly on this topic. This year for me has been one of trying new things and being okay with failing. Letting go of experiments that went bad and building on the ones that did go well. It’s a constant battle, but I’m having fun. :)

    Thanks for this inspiration & encouragement today!

    • Erin Lauray says

      Hi Mikaela! I totally hear you! Its fun with the new ideas, but trying and failing and then being OKAY with it has been a huge lesson for me. For me, its more what others think when I fail that snags my confidence. I need to learn more that it doesn’t matter and that I need to keep plugging on! :) Thanks for the encouragement (right back at ya!)!!