Where Babies Come From


One day, I was talking to Jael about babies. We were talking about how cute they were and how they grow in mommy’s tummy. Jael then proceeded to say, “Do you know how the babies get in the tummy, momma?”

This was most definitely not a conversation I wanted to have yet, but I decided to see what she had to say. “What do you think, honey?”

“Well, mommies take the baby and they eat them.”

[shocked mom face here while also contemplating if I should contradict her or just side-step the uncomfortable Where Babies Come From convo] “Uh, honey, I don’t think mommies eat their babies.”

“Yes! They take a fork and knife and cut up the baby and eat them.”

[mortified face, slight giggle] “Jael, honey, mommies don’t do that. There is a mommy and daddy who love each other and…”

“No, mommy, you ate Elijah.” [silence] “You cut him up and ate him.”

Well, there’s no sense arguing with her…