Five On Friday

I don’t know if there is a link-up for this, but I just decided I wanted to share 5 random facts on this Friday. That sentence was fabulously full of f-words. Wait…

Anyway, here are 5 random facts about me:

1. I hate picking up dead bugs.

Like squeamishly grossed out hate hate hate. Even if it is with the world’s largest wad of toilet paper, I’m so afraid I’m going to feel the squish of a bug body between my fingers. Yuck! I will kill a bug and leave it there to either a) gather up the courage to clean it up or b) let my husband get it. It makes me want to shudder right now!

2. I am embarrassingly addicted to reality television.

It seriously does NOT matter what the show is. If it is not skankalicious, I’ll watch it. From House Hunters and Property Brothers to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I don’t know if it my interest and love for people’s interactions and relationships or living vicariously through the people who purchase million dollar homes, I just simply love watching others lives. I don’t watch television much, actually (unless you count Doc McStuffins or Blue’s Clues as “watching television”), but when I do, its pretty much only reality television. haha :)

3. I spent 12 years singing on the worship team at church.

Before my pregnant belly kept me from taking a decent deep breath. So I took a break from the worship team. And now it has been 3 years. And I suuuuuper, deep-heart, grievously miss it. Like it makes my heart ache just thinking about how long it has been. It was an integral part of my growing up and learning about the Lord. I started on the worship team when I was a freshman in high school and sang almost every Sunday (and eventually every other Sunday) for the next 12 years. He has shaped me through music and worship. Many times, the Lord has brought a song to my mind to speak to me. Instead of just whispering to my heart, He brings a song. And I love it. It taught me so much about who He is and His love for me. I am a naturally emotional person, so worship is an engrained part of me. I miss singing so badly! Which leads me to…

4. I want to learn to play the guitar.

I have a guitar that I borrowed LONG ago from a friend (who may be reading this, hi Dan!), and I never learned. But as I’ve gotten older and have developed in my creativity, I’ve wanted to create in music. I don’t know if I ever will learn, but it would be nice :)

5. I rarely have a sweet tooth.

I am completely 100% a salt girl. I LOVE salty things! Chocolate occasionally tempts me, but other than that, cookies, ice cream, chocolate milk, etc. don’t tempt me. I actually easily get a stomach ache if I eat a normal serving size of something sweet. Now, this excluded Mr. Goodbar. But even then, I still have a stomach ache if I eat a lot of it. Give me pretzels, french fries, chips, etc. over candy any day ;)

So there are five random things that you never knew (or probably care to know) about me! What about you? List 5 random facts about you below! I’d love to learn something about you guys! :)