iPhone Pics & Thoughts on Savoring

Week in Instagrammies

I spent this past week working hard, trying to stay sane with my precious littles, and feeling SO busy. Theme of life = BUSY. But that’s okay for now…because its about to get cray cray up in here when I start seminary this fall. But let’s not overwhelm ourselves, m’kay?

In case you missed my IG post about Target journals…I LOVE THEM. The ikat patterned one you see there? Clearance! $2.50! I think I have a few dozen journals because I just love them. I am a journal addict.

I also tried flavored coconut water for the first time. I love it! I tried dark chocolate and it seems to be a good healthy alternative to the deliciousness of regular chocolate milk. :) But I do remember the first time I tried plain coconut water…gah! It tasted like warm pee…even though I don’t really know what warm pee tastes like. But if I did, I would imagine thinking, “Gee, this tastes like coconut water.”

I also got my first pair of cotton shorts from Victoria’s Secret and Y’ALL…they are the BEST. I seriously LOVE them. So comfy. Although, they are booty-licious, so don’t plan on going out of doors unless you’ve got a delicious rump. ;)

I also spent a lot of time this past week praying. It seems that your second decade of life is all about transition, change, and praying for guidance. We’ve had our fair share of change these past three or so years, and while I haven’t really hated it, I would definitely not pass up on a fast forward button right now. Except, I would only fast forward if I didn’t have that auto-fast-forward issue that Adam Sandler had in the movie Click. I would not like that.

Anyway, our life is full of fast, loud, and crazy. It is also full of laughter, tears, prayers, and fatigue. But I know that this shall pass and I will miss the chubby fingers and drool and the drunk-sailor toddler walk. I’ll miss the moments my girl wants me to play “Doc McStuffins” with her or button her princess dress for the millionth time.

I guess I just need to know…how do you savor the days, the moments, everything when you are so exhausted? How do you savor when you are full? And when the lights go out at night and you’re finally in bed and your daughter calls out again for you to help her fix her blanket or find Bear Bear…how do you do it with a smile? How do you love when you just want to groan?

That is my season. A season of a divine struggle between suffering and savoring. GOD, I love my kids. So bring on the day and pass me another cup of coffee. :)