Our Coffee Date

Our Coffee Date

Today, I am feeling particularly social. I’m wishing I had a plan today to have coffee with a friend. I am feeling like I am in need of a good girl chat. So I am going to have coffee with you. :)

Our Coffee Date

Our coffee date would start with a big hug :) I’d ask how the kids were, we’d comment on the weather, how it is getting hot here in Arizona while the rest of the country was getting snow…

I’d tell you that I was sore from working out. We’d laugh about needing help sitting down on the toilet because of sore legs. ;)

We’d chat Downton Abbey and I would make you SWEAR you wouldn’t ruin it for me because I’m only on season 2. Then I would ask cryptic questions to try and get information out of you because I kinda do want to know what happens. ;)

I’d tell you how I kept it together at Jael’s Preschool Open House last week and how I can’t believe my baby is old enough to go to preschool. And how she is super smart and I am convinced she’ll be ready for kindergarten early.

I’d confess that I recently read the just released second book of a trilogy I love in about 16 hours. And that I love reading. I would then prod you to spill to me the books you love so that I’d have something new to read :)

I’d tell you about how I have been feeling overwhelmed. How God is pouring out creative ideas into me, giving me opportunity after opportunity, how life has seemed to go from 10 miles per hour to 70 in just a matter of a few weeks. I might tear up a little about how I wish I had a solution to being able to harness the opportunities that I have and also occupy my children. I wish that my sisters had kids. Or that I wasn’t so far away from other friends. That among those opportunities lies my commitment and drive to go to grad school this fall. And how I have no idea how that will happen because of finances.

And then I would smile and admit that I love my life. Even in the midst of this craziness. That I have worries and fears and things that frustrate me, but above it all, I see God moving. I can almost hear the hammers and saws of what he is working on. That I am not sure how all this will pan out…that I am not sure how even today is going to pan out…but God is good. He is faithful. And I know that if any of the opportunities are taken away, He still has a plan. And how I trust Him and long to trust Him more.

And somewhere in this coffee date…among the happy and hard…I would have asked you how you are doing. And you would have said…