When God Gives You a New Idea

When God Gives You A New Idea

I often get fabulous ideas. Okay, maybe not fabulous, but I do have a creative brain that is frequently churning out new plans and schemes. Some really great ones, some not so awesome. I write the new idea down and often leave it for when I have extra time [bah! yeah right!].

Recently, I have been praying about this blog. I have struggled to find my voice and niche because there are so many things I love. I like posting about DIYs, but am I a DIY blog? Not really. I love sharing recipes that work for me, but am I a food blog? Not so much. I love posting about small business, entrepreneurship, fitness, kids, parenting, exercise, style, etc.etc.etc. But does this blog fall neatly into any of those niches? No.

And that is frustrating the ever-livin out of me!

I don’t just blog for me…this blog is to share. To give encouragement, ideas, and inspiration to [mostly] women. If sharing about DIYs, recipes, small biz, fitness, family, etc. means encouraging or inspiring someone or giving someone the push to a great new idea, then wonderful! But in order to organize my crazy idea-producing brain, I need to figure this whole blog out. Its causing me a lot of stress to not have focus. I am an ultra-organized person [in most areas *wink*], and not having a clear direction and focus is hard on my brain.

So over the weekend, I prayed. I had begun to pray for the direction of this blog about a month ago, but over the weekend, I asked the Lord for clarity and an idea. The final idea. The one that would be the solution to my blog woes ;) [hashtag: dramatic]

And I feel as if he gave me one! I confided my new idea to a friend and my sister, both whom encourage that it is a great idea. Most [ahem…all] of the time, when God is the producer of the idea, its the best. :) To give you a small glimpse, it is a blog about encouraging women to intentional and beautiful living. [That may or may not be the mission statement ;) ]

So I am going to go with this new idea…I have purchased a domain, have ideas for site design [of course!], and have even started writing a small but detailed blog plan. I am so excited to share this with you all, as I am just trying to find my way and space in this big [blog] world. I am excited for this new adventure. Often, we learn more ourselves when we venture out to teach and encourage others, so I hope that this idea is one that we can all grow in together. I know for sure that I am NO expert in where I feel the Lord is leading this new plan, so you can be rest assured that I will be growing each step of the way.

I will be writing more in the coming days about what this looks like for erinlauray.com, but in the meantime, would you just pray? Pray that the Lord takes this new idea and makes much of HIMSELF in it? And I want to know [share in the comments!], have you ever been given a new idea by the Lord? How did it turn out?


  1. says

    I completely understand the struggle to figure out a focus for blogging when personal interests and passions are so vast. Luckily, niches seem to be going away, as more and more people want to connect with the blogger; not just the blog.

    From what I’ve read on your blog, especially lately, I think we have a lot in common: two women trying to chase their dreams and live with intention. If you’re ever interested in collaborating on a project, let me know. You can see what kind of things I write about over at domesticblissdiaries.com

    • Erin Lauray says

      Alana, Thank you for commenting! I definitely agree the trend is less towards niches, but I feel like for me and my crazy idea jumbled brain, I have to do focus a little more. The idea of writing about anything and everything actually makes me not want to write at all! I get so overwhelmed with all the ideas and such, being under a “topic umbrella” is what I need right now. Maybe when I get better at this whole blog thing, I can branch out a little more. Thank you for your advice! :) I will keep you in mind for the future :)