I Can Get Lost

Yesterday, I talked about taking time to rest and spend time with my kids. It has been good, but it also can be pretty draining as a mother to be pouring into their lives minute by minute. You know? While it is restful for me to let go of my to do list and spend time with them, I also need to let go of my to do list and recharge myself.

I Can Get Lost

One way I do that is reading. I LOVE reading. I am a big fan of fiction and love a good novel. And if I can sound super nerdy here…I love dystopian fiction. Like end of the world books that follow the lines of The Hunger Games. Some are a bit gory for me, but the ones I have read that I can’t put down…I speed through like my imagination is starving to death. You guys, I have read about 20 books since Christmas. TWENTY. And I am still going. A book I have been waaaaaiting for comes out in three days. I’m a dork. I’m excited. ;)

I think there is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a good book and a hot cup of tea and diving into a world other than your own and getting lost. Y’all, I can get lost. Easily. And I am always looking for something to read. Its almost depressing to me when I finish a book that either doesn’t have a book to follow or does but I have to wait for it. There is this one series that I read book one and two in like three days. Then I found out book three didn’t come out for another year! ACK!

I also am a lover of non-fiction too. I love a good inspirational, thought-provoking, or well written book. Reading is just part of my soul. What are some of your favorite books? Let me know your suggestions, I’d love to read them! :)


    • Erin Lauray says

      Oh my gosh, there is this one called The Selection. Its kind of Bachelor meets war torn post-America, lol ;) But that’s the one I am waiting for. My sisters and I are addicted. :) I can’t WAIT for Divergent 3. :) I’ve also read this series called Delerium – its about love being labeled a disease and when you turn 18, you’re cured. Its pretty good. There is the Eve novels – although, I’ve only read the first one, but I liked it a lot. I’ve looked at lists on Good Reads for other books, but those seem to keep popping up :)