Park Day – Taking A Moment To Rest

Being intentional as a parent is hard. Taking a moment to rest is even harder! But lately, I have been trying to be more present with my kids. That is part of the reason why I haven’t blogged so much [aside from being a bit lazy too ;) ]. I have been trying to get on the floor with my kids. Play with them. Listen when Jael tells me something. Look her in the eye when she’s talking. All these things I feel are helping my kids to know that they are my first priority during the day. Not the computer. Not Twitter.

The hard part is that those other things that take my time are also priorities. They are passions of mine. I have to be intentional with those too. So I have been waking up before the kids get up to write posts. Check emails. Work on design. Get a jump start on my to do list. Its not easy…but I’m trying.

One thing we have been doing is going to the park! Here in Arizona, you have to snag those days when you can. Because before you know it, you’re sweating in places you never knew you could and wondering who told Arizona summer lasted from mid-April to October. We have two parks within walking distance of our house, and one of them is Jael’s favorite. Probably because it tends to be more deserted [so she doesn’t have to share] and the playground is more preschool size. ;) Either way, we love going to the park, bringing and blanket and snacks, and enjoying each other. It is an intentional way to relax. You can’t get wifi at the park! ;)Park Day - Taking A Rest Park Day - Taking A Rest Park Day - Taking A Rest Park Day - Taking A RestAs the days get hotter, its going to be a bit harder to get a park day in. But taking a moment to rest is super important. Being intentional with spending time with your kids, your special someone, or just alone…its so important to detach from technology and just be.What do you do to take a rest?


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