Tweets and Resources for the Week

So, during the day, when I am up to my armpits in Mum-Mums, applesauce squeezies, and Fresh Beat Band, I don’t have time to sit at a computer and explore. I love finding articles and posts to encourage myself and also learn new things about this wonderful online world. But most days, that’s just not possible! Even on my iPad, I have to stop every 20 seconds to do something for the little people. ;) [And all the moms are collectively nodding their heads…]

So I mostly just have time to go on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And even then I don’t have much time to check out many of the links that look so interesting to me. So I started favoriting ones that looked interesting to me. Then, when I had a free second [like when the kids are eating quietly at the kitchen table…ha! rare.], I go back and check out the tweet.

Here are my favorite tweets and resources this week that held valuable info and insight:


Tweets and Resources

This was a great post on Katie’s blog by Heather Boersma. I don’t know why I am attracted to book writing articles lately, but I definitely bookmarked this one for later. It was a good read with valuable tips on how to get started with that inspirational or informational or whatever-ational book you have in your head.


Favorite Tweets This Week


This article was wonderful. It discusses the current publishing dilemma and how authors are foregoing traditional publishing in order to save costs and make more money. It also goes into detail, however, of how the disappearance of the traditional bookstore could still endanger the online ebook marketplace. It is a great read for those of you who are interested in being a writer or if you are simply interested in the trends in publishing.


Tweets and Resources

This was a fabulous article that challenged my thinking and convicted my heart. It is a great read and I won’t devalue it by attempting to summarize his wise words. If you dare, read this one.

I also discovered yesterday a really cool app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple computers called Pocket. It is an app you have on your devices that you can save websites for later that you don’t have time to read right now! Um, yes, please! This will only make matters worse for me, I know, but it is really neat. It also has a Firefox extension so you can easily save websites. You have an account and log in and it saves all your links for you and syncs it across all your devices. Yay! Go check it out! :)

Tweets and Resources

So there you go, some good readin’ for the weekend and a snazzy app to take up all your time ;) Happy Friday!