Most Embarrassing Moment

After yesterday’s post, I thought it would be nice to be a little light hearted today and share something funny.

The time I farted in front of my entire in-law family before I was even married to my husband.

Yep. Horrifying.

Every night, Joseph’s family prays together in the living room. It was a nightly occurrence when we were dating, as he still had young little brothers at home. Well, this particular winter night, it was cold, so they had the fireplace going. I was on the floor on my belly in front of the fireplace with Joseph looking into the flames, when his family announced prayer time.

Joseph’s sister, Rebecca (who is my age and was a good friend of mine before I even knew Joseph) lay down on the floor by me and rested her head on the back of my thighs. [You’re anticipating the horror, aren’t you??] They start praying and I feel a bubble in my stomach move.

Since I obviously didn’t want to pass gas in a room of eight people [he has 4 siblings and his two parents], I tried to hold it in….this resulted in a “letting the air out of a balloon slowly” kind of squeak.

I seriously wanted to cry.

Rebecca tried to stifle a laugh as she slowly moved from her…um…unfortunate position, and the room got quiet. Then Joseph’s mom began to pray again. When she was done, I got up quickly and ran to the bathroom. Rebecca followed.

Do you think anyone heard that? I’m so embarrassed!

Probably. But if they ask, I’ll just say it was me.

She’s a great friend. And no one ever mentioned it again. Not even my husband.

And that is one of my most embarrassing moments.


    • Erin Lauray says

      Thank you! I always hope I’m funny ;) It was great meeting you too!

  1. Kassie Rew says

    Ha :) oh man, I’m not sure if I would ever be able to laugh at that! Glad you can!