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Newlywed Bliss

Back in 2007, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Studies (psychology), excitement bubbling out of me, ready for the future and all my dreams. I wish I could write a letter to that newly graduated Erin and tell her to keep going. But as it always does, life happened. I was newly married (like my 1 year anniversary was the next weekend) and the thought of spending more time at school away from my hubby was just too much. Plus working?? I’ll never see him!

I decided to put the breaks on my education (and career goals). I don’t really know what I was doing exactly. Thinking back on those freshly graduated, newly married days, I didn’t have any goals. We just lived life and did what we wanted. In 2008, I took a new job working at a behavioral health agency and my love for the psychology field started to grow again. I attempted to go back to school a couple of times, but each time the wind quickly died out of my sails. The timing wasn’t right. I wasn’t motivated. I didn’t have the credentials for such-and-such program. Each time just didn’t seem to work.

Then I started having babies. And time sort of stopped and sped up at the same time. And now, here we are, my daughter is three years old and my son is about a month away from turning one. Talk about feeling like I was in a vacuum! I don’t know where the past several years have gone, but the Lord has been cultivating in me a deep desire for moving forward in my career. This feels different than attempts before because this time, I feel like the timing is right. Things have been happening that have been confirming to me that this is the right path.

follow your big dreams

Big Scary Dreams

When I think about the future and what I feel called to do, it scares and excites me. I have a passion for families and relationships and loving people. I simply cannot wait to be a part of people’s lives and helping them to overcome those struggles that they think are bigger than they. My passion for becoming a marriage and family therapist is something I think about every day. Something I actually dream about sometimes. And it jazzes me up!

I want to create a place for people to be free to explore their struggles in a way that they feel safe, validated, and loved. I want people to seek help rather than shun the idea of counseling because of Freudian ideas of lying on a couch and answering questions that don’t make sense to their problem. I want to love people and go into their mess with them like Jesus did and asks us to do. I want to help to change the divorce rate, help to build healthy families, relationships, and marriages. I want to go to work every day and, with Jesus of course, win battles over struggles and hurts. I want to go into this mission and help people to heal.

It is going to take a lot of work and faith. Remember when I mentioned that I needed to come up with a lot of money to pay for school? And my convictions of not taking out loans? I am still believing God that if this is the mission He has called me to and this is the time and place, He is going to provide. Its so scary and big…but trusting God is easier than worrying about it. :) If you’re interested, you can learn how you can help here.

a signpost for God

A Signpost

Sometimes treading a path alone is hard. Okay, most of the time it is hard. Pushing aside the weeds, bushes, and trying to find your way through the trees is overwhelming. I want nothing more than to be a witness, a signpost, saying God has redeemed. He loves. He ravishes. I want to be a living witness to the changing power of God and his love.

Being a therapist doesn’t do this automatically. But I know that by helping the broken to heal, loving them in their darkest moments…there is no mission that my heart wants more. My dream job.

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