a random act of kindness

You’ve probably heard of people paying for people in the coffee line behind them. Or someone paying for a family’s dinner without them knowing who done it. I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times, but always prayed that the Lord would bless me to be able to do this for someone else. Well, recently, I had a blessed morning and had the heart-felt desire to go and bless someone in turn. I decided I would get ready and take my kiddos to lunch. At lunch, if I had the opportunity to buy someone’s food for them, I would. I started to pray that the Lord would bring someone that needed an encouragement…that He would take the opportunity to bless someone’s day through me.

random act of kindness

I went to Paradise Bakery for lunch and while I was getting my salad, an older woman came up behind me and ordered a salad too. She then started to chat with my daughter and was very nice to her. I felt my cheeks burn red and my heart started pounding. Why was it so scary to want to bless someone’s day? I awkwardly asked the woman if she’d let me buy her lunch. She smiled and kind of stammered. She then replied that she should be the one buying my lunch, gesturing to my kids as if having two little ones in tow qualified me more for being blessed than she. I insisted and she relented.

She took an awkwardly long amount of time to get her food…I wondered if she was secretly hoping that I would give up and just pay for my own lunch. lol, but I waited. She then asked me if I insisted on paying for her if I would also eat with her. Also awkward, but I said yes. I wish that I could say that God used that time for me to get to know this woman and share why I bought her lunch [because God blessed me], but that simply wasn’t the case. If I could sum up the entire experience in one word, it would be awkward!

I don’t know why it turned out that way, but it did. And God used my pounding heart and awkwardly stumbling words to show me that 1) He can use a socially awkward mom like me, and 2) that blessing someone doesn’t always happen the way we think it would. That learning to love people we don’t know is different. Hard. Kind of like learning to ride a bike or roller blade. You’re going to look like a monkey on wheels at first, but eventually you’ll learn to ride without steering and enjoy where the Lord takes you.

Have you ever blessed someone in a way that felt awkward to you? Did you have a “random act of kindness” that in turn blessed you? That turned out not awkward but wonderful?

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