5 favorite movies i never tire of watching

There are always those movies that you could just watch over and over. The ones that move your soul, make you laugh, make you think… I have some favorites to share. Maybe you’ve seen them, but if you haven’t, they come highly recommended! ;)

1. Pride and Prejudice (2005)


This is the Kiera Knightly version. Simply could watch this movie and start it right back over when it ends. I love the language, the cinematography, the story, the costumes, and the music. Oh, Lord, the music. It is a lovely romantic story – and really is a great book if you want the original story. Its a story of a 19th century young woman who learns about life, love, manners, pride, um…prejudice, and society.

2. Les Miserables (2012)


Yes, I know this movie isn’t out to purchase yet, but OMG. It moved me, made me cry, made me laugh…I grew up on this Broadway show and it will forever be a part of me. If you love a good story of redemption, this is it. To quote Jean Valjean [a character in the movie], “its the story of a man who turned from hating, a man that only learned to love while you [Cosette, another character] were in his keeping.” Its set in 19th century France during a rebellion; its the story of love, redemption, and is overwhelmingly amazing.

3. Inception


This movie blows my mind. I didn’t want to see it because I had heard it was long, confusing, and…um…long. I can’t tell you how much I dislike lengthy movies. However, if it is a movie I end up loving, I don’t mind the length. But you have to reeeeeally convince me its worth it if the run time is over two hours. Anyway…this movie is long, but OH SO WORTH IT. The sheer intelligence and imagination it took to come up with this movie, its parts, and its structure is simply brilliant. Its about a team that basically goes into a dream state to hijack information and such from the others who are dreaming. The main character [Leo DiCaprio!] has lost his wife and family and wants out of doing that kind of business. The team is then commissioned to do one last job that could make them loads of money and Leo could get his life back. Its seriously a mind bending amazing movie!

4. 17 Again


Okay, guys, two words….Zac Efron. Need I say more? ;) Kidding…this movie is a good laugh and a sort of Disney Channel-esque love story, but I love a good cheesy story once and a while. [Yes, I admit, I loved the first two High School Musical movies…] Its about a middle-aged man whose life seems to be falling apart. He is getting a divorce and his relationship with his kids is breaking down. His job is a dead end. Then one night he falls into a time warp and comes out 17 again. Ta-da! And its the story of his attempt to fix the things in his life that are broken: his marriage and his relationship with his kids. Its really funny, touching at some moments, and who doesn’t love Zac’s dimpled smile? ;)

5. Father of the Bride: Part 1 & 2


Okay, so this is two movies, but I LOVE them both! I watched them each for the first time when I was basically going through the same experiences. I watched Part 1 back in spring of 2006 right before I got married. This movie made me bawl my eyes out. And then I watched Part 2 when I was pregnant with my first child, and you guessed it…I bawled then too. The first one follows George Banks [Steve Martin] as his family prepares for his only daughter to get married. It is hilarious, touching, and true on so many levels! The second one follows the same family as George’s daughter and wife are pregnant at the same time! Its also hilarious, touching, and very true to life.

I wonder what these movies say about me… ;) That I LOVE music, love stories, to laugh, and to think? Maybe?

What are your favorite movies you could watch a million times?

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    Aw! I haven’t thought about “Father of the Bride” in forever. Going on my watch again list!