our God is bigger


I launched a funding page yesterday for my new adventure in pursuing grad school. As I look at my finances and pray for the Lord to move and be BIG in this call, I find peace and comfort in knowing He provides. He promises to supply all our needs, and what encouragement for someone who feels the Lord has called her to a ministry and mission she cannot afford to pursue?

I am excited to see what He is going to do and how this is going to bring glory to Him. I’m not looking to be glorified! Far from it! I am admitting my past mistakes (student loan debt) and pleading with the Lord for His help. I am admitting I simply cannot do it, but He can. Through givers (I’ve already had three donations!), through saving up our own money, and through things I have yet to see.

I just wanted to send out this encouragement this morning that if you have a need, big or small in your eyes, pray about it. Ask the Lord. Because I truly believe, know, and have seen His provision come for things that we think is menial and for things we think are too big. Our God is bigger.

Amen? :)