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Hello friends! Its been a while!! I’ve been super busy (which has been such a blessing), but I have lacked the extra creativity and time lately it takes to write a blog post. SO, I sent my sweet three year old over to nana’s house today so that I could catch up on things while my baby boy naps.

On Tuesday this week, I took a class called E-Books: A-Z with the Influence Network. Let me tell you…I am SUPER excited and motivated to get my first e-book started. The class was super amazing and very informative. I learned so much and so many practical tips to get my e-book writing started.

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I have always had this idea in the back of my mind of writing an e-book. And I’ve always had the book topic idea too. It wasn’t until I realized that putting my thoughts down on paper…er…screen…in an e-book form was super low risk. If I spend the time writing and designing an e-book and no one buys it, I’ve only lost my time. I’m not out hundreds of dollars or anything. (That’s the blessing of being a designer too…no one to hire!)

I had always had the idea but just folded that idea up and filed it away in my mental filing cabinet. Someday, I thought. But it wasn’t until this class that I realized that the time is now.

The topic for my e-book will be on setting up online. WordPress, Blogger, hosting, emails, domains, Etsy, WooCommerce, etc. Its all so confusing to the new blogger. Or if you’ve been a blogger for a while, maybe there’s something you just need further clarified. I have been getting many many emails recently on this topic…so many that it really made me wonder if there were any good resources out there that explained in detail the things that my dear friends were asking me.

I do know of a few e-books that are great resources for new bloggers. In fact, the instructor of the e-book class I took has a great e-book on this topic. And to be honest, there are plenty of resources out there encouraging bloggers to get started and that offer basic information to beginning blogging.

But when I got these emails from these ladies wondering about some super specific, technical questions…things that I believe every blogger should know…I felt compelled to help. I learned everything by trial and error, Google, and hours and hours researching at my computer. Why not save people the time and just put it all together in one, easy to read, organized e-book?

So there you have it, friends. I’m not sure about the launch date of this book, but I am really excited and motivated to get it out. I will also be offering an affiliate program and a Tweet discount, so be sure to keep checking back for more details! And if you’d like to spread the word, please put this button in your sidebar! :)

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Are there any specific questions you have as a blogger that you’d like answered in this book? Shop questions? Platform questions? Anything! Let me know in the comments below and I may even quote your question with your name and blog in my book! :) Thanks, friends!


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    This is such a great idea! I think you’d really get a great response to this ebook. Found your blog via the Influence Network forums!