why you shouldn’t make money doing what you love

I love a lot of things. Crocheting. Designing. Creating. Sewing (on occasion). Experimenting. Researching. Learning. and more. I’d like to think I am good at a lot of those things too.

Its natural in this technology driven society to want to bank on your talents. Heck, you wouldn’t bank very much cashola on something you weren’t good at. There are a lot of shops on Etsy, Big Cartel, Storenvy, etc. Lots of moms are opening stores where they sell their wares to help their families make a little extra money. I do it. I think it is wonderful.

One thing I don’t think is wonderful? Turning all your talents and abilities into money making ideas. Sure, you could make a shop out of crocheting if you’re good at it. You could make a business out of running or exercising if you wanted to. But when everything you enjoy becomes a way to make money? That’s a bad place to be.

Some ideas are definitely business ideas. But businesses are hard. Being self-employed is stressful. And something you love could become something you don’t love so much if you’re just looking to make a dollar out of it. I mean, I get it…I’ve been in that place where I needed money to pay bills. I know.

But remember, friend, that God also created in you a need for rest. For fun. And for it to be fun for the sake of fun. You need a hobby…something that takes your mind off of stresses. I love crocheting. And one time I considered opening a crochet shop on Etsy because I felt good at it and enjoyed doing it. But I hit the breaks on that real quick (after some inspiration from this lovely but also…) because I realized that if I turned everything I love into a business, I’d have nothing left to simply enjoy. To enjoy for the sake of loving it and nothing more.

So go ride your bike or knit a baby blanket…not because someone paid you to, but because it makes your soul happy.