DIY Spring Wreath

This isn’t necessarily a how-to, but more of just what I did this weekend for a DIY project ;) Nothing new that has never been done before…just had a little fun making a wreath for our door for a fraction of the price of buying an already made one at the store :) Here is the cost breakdown:

  • Wreath: $3
  • Flowers: 97 cents each x 3 = $2.91
  • Wooden letter: $2

Total cost was about $8. If I had gone to a craft store for the wooden letter, I probably could have knocked off another $1.50 since I usually see these letters for 50 cents or less. I probably could’ve gotten the flowers cheaper too. But I had my 9 month old in tow and we were at Walmart. End of story. ;)


First, I cut all of the blooms off of the stems and put them in a pile. I made sure to leave about an inch and a half of stem so that they could be stuck into the wreath rather than just be glued to it.


Then I took my glue gun and just started gluing them in. I put a glob on the stem and stuck them into the wreath.


Once all the flowers were glued in, I took my wooden “S” and traced it onto a piece of scrapbook paper. *Note for the future: trace onto the BACK of the paper because if you trace onto the patterned side, you have to make sure to cut the paper so the pen mark doesn’t show.


Then I painted a layer of Modge Podge onto the letter. I put the S-shaped piece of scrapbook paper onto the wooden letter when the Modge Podge was still a bit tacky so that it would stick. I then painted a thick layer of Modge Podge on top of that – making sure to pay attention to the edges and smooth out wrinkles and bubbles.


I then used my glue gun to glue the “S” to the wreath and voila! Took me like a half hour and now my front door has some new pretties! :)


Yay for DIY and for cheap! Have you made a wreath before? Was it easy or hard for you? Did you blog about it? Let me know in the comments! :)


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    It is perfect! I may have to make me one for the spring (our xmas one is going to stay up there for a while, up here in New England people keep their christmas wreaths up all winter) it does look super simple, even I could make that.