One Word 2013

I’ve gone back and forth with what I thought I’d choose for my word for 2013. It’s something a bunch of bloggers are doing that is a way to focus on someone you want to be in 2013. Not a resolution, which would be an action goal, but a prayer that The Lord would grow in you the fruit of your word. I love the idea.

Several words came to mind. None seemed right until this morning; in some confession time with the Lord, I came to my word. It fit. It’s right.


There are so many offshoots to this word for 2013. Desires I have for what this word will do in me, in my family, my blog, and different areas of my life.

In being a blessing, first the word has to change me. I need joy again. Life. Laughter in my soul. I need to have cheer in the Lord like I have never experienced! I feel like I’m on that path with some of my reading material and a few groups I am in, but I know that in order to bless others, I have to bless the Lord with my character, behaviors, beliefs, and attitude. I’m pressing into Him to find that growth and change.

In blessing my family, I want to love them in the ways they uniquely need to be loved. Elijah is a cuddle bug. Jael wants me to spend time with her. My husband needs that conversation and for me to not let the stresses of the day ruin the little time I have with him when he gets home. My sisters need my friendship and big sister “advice” when necessary. My parents need my honor. And so on…

In my blog, I know that I want to bless you with encouragement. Love. Experience. Stories. I want this blog to be a place you come to hear the Lord, to know that someone understands the season you’re in, to hear joyful and loving encouragement, to read a devo, to have this place be a refreshing and safe place for you to be you and share your story. I want to do life with you!! And in all of that, I want to learn to bless you as readers and friends.

I want to be blessed so that I can bless others. It’s an amazing joy in my heart when I can surprise a friend by buying her coffee or lunch. When I have the ability and room to be generous. When I can simply pour out blessing on others because God blessed me first. I know it’s not all about money. And I know generosity is sometimes required even when we ourselves are in need. But I also know this, I want a generous heart with eyes open to bless others, however that may be.

I want 2013 to be about God’s blessing in my life overflowing in all these areas. Along with my list of 12 Prayers, I know this year is going to be a year of breakthrough. And I couldn’t be more excited.

Share with me below….did you pick a word for 2013? What is it and why??


  1. says

    This is such a wonderful word!
    It’s about you and others! Will be awesome to see how this word plays out! =)
    I have a phrase for the year… find myself.
    I feel like I’ve lost who I am and its not a great feeling! I hope this year…through time with God, time with myself, I can find the parts of me I miss!

  2. Linda says

    My word for 2013 is forgiving. Always thought I was a forgiving person but lately God has showed me otherwise.

  3. says

    I love why you’ve chosen blessing to be your word for 2013! I think that’s an important focus for we as Christians to have: how are we seeking to bless others? How we actively living blessing?

    I’ve chosen dangerous as my word for 2013, and I’ll be blogging the story behind that choice on Monday!