Its been a long time…a loooong time. But now that my sweet boy Elijah is napping consistently [praise the LORD], I am able to get a shower most days [unless I decide something is more important…lol]. Which means….tada!!…I can wear an actual outfit. EEEEE! And can I just say that a shower ALONE when you’re a mommy is heaven?? I mean, you don’t have to have luke warm water for sensitive baby skin, you don’t have to bring toys, or worry that soap is going to drip in eager eyes…its like the shower is a teleportation chamber that whisks you away to a quiet, secluded place.

Until your toddler opens the door and lets cold air in just so she can “check on you.” ;) ha!

Anyway. Boy, you can tell I am a mom when I can write a whole paragraph on a shower. Geez. On to WIWW…sorry for the poor quality of my pics, they were all taken in a rush on my iPhone…



Saturday: Top: Ambiance Apparel; Necklace: gifted/unknown; Jeans and boots: Old Navy




Sunday: Turquoise top: Poetry; Grey shawl cover: Ambiance Aparrel; Grey camisole & jeans: Old Navy; Shoes [TOMS knock offs for $15?? Yes, please!]: Wet Seal; Earrings: Violet Hill Boutique

That turquoise top is seriously my favorite shirt and color. LOVE. And I must leave you with some cuteness….my little doctor:


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