New Year = DIY!

The end of the year is always a rush…holidays, baking, buying gifts, wrapping, seeing everyone and visiting family…the list could go on. As you can tell, I have had a hard time posting here, but I am making an effort to end the year with some fun posts to get you excited for 2013!

Today I am sharing the DIY projects I want to tackle in January. Take a look…I am excited! Some are big and some are small, but I hope to start making my home MINE :) If you’d like to see a fun post on what I did to my fridge, check that out here.

 DIY Burlap Ruffle Curtains


 Jewelry Organization Board


 Front Door Custom Wreath


And the one I am most excited for…I want to paint my armoire! Thinking yellow might be fun ;)

Bright and Colorful Storage & Display


I’ve created a Pinboard for all the projects I plan to tackle this year…do you have any big projects you’re going to do after the holidays?? Share below! I’d love some more inspiration!