Ecommerce :: Stay Home & Own A Business

The new year is quickly approaching and with it come new resolutions, goals, and dreams. I, for one, had a dream last year to open a blog and web design shop. And I did! It has been a wonderful ride, a great learning experience, and something I cannot believe I am blessed to do. If you put your mind to it, friends, I know you can succeed in providing an extra source of income for your family. :) I have a friend who just opened her shop just 6 months ago and is a great success already!

A shop and/or blog can be truly rewarding. Especially if all you do is change diapers all day or work for someone else doing something you only kinda like. Why don’t you dive into doing something you LOVE? Do you have a hobby or passion that you would love to do for a living? Well, without further ado…Erin Lauray Studio is now offering Ecommerce web design!! I am so excited to offer this option because it provides so many opportunities and options for you lovelies :)


Many moms, women, and men nowadays are bloggers and even more are looking to open their own online shops to sell their goods, services, and anything else they can list! As a mom myself, I know that staying home with my kids is SO important, so I am one of the many who is forging the “work from home shop owner/entrepreneur” path. With my new Ecommerce Design Package, you will receive a website with blog and shop integration. So your blog and shop are all in one place! Another great perk is that the shop is a free plugin, which means no more fees when you list or sell something, no more having to re-list items when they expire, none of that! You list your shop items and BOOM! You’re in business at no extra cost! All you pay for is the design, then list your items, and you could be up and running for the new year!

Are you interested? :)

Book your design project date before December 30 and receive 10% off your total package!!

But you only have until December 30 to place a deposit, so act quickly! I am super excited for all the opportunities 2013 will bring! :)

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