Thoughts on Today’s Tragedy

Like many people today, my heart sank at the news that a shooting happened in an elementary school. My sweet daughter will be three in a couple short months, with preschool to shortly follow…the thought of those parents going into their first night without their sweet babies makes my heart hurt.

I don’t like to think about it. The vulnerability of life. The fact that there is evil among us. That at any second, any one of us could get that call…the one that changes your life forever.

I heard a quote from a friend today that I went on to share on Facebook, “Once you are a mom, you are a mom to the world and those kids are your kids.” Its so painfully true. Even though I do not have to endure the pain of loss because my kids are tucked safe and warm in their beds as I type, I can feel the deep sorrow and horror a parent would feel. I don’t want to imagine it, but I don’t have to…I can already feel the deep sadness way down in my heart for each new empty bed.I hugged my babies a little harder tonight, prayed and sang with them a little longer, and let myself feel. Feel the loss those families are enduring. The pain of a child’s death. The trauma of the surviving children. And feel the longing of my soul for Home.