My Story :: Part 1

I always hated being born in June. It was always so hot here in Arizona, and I never got the opportunity to bring cupcakes to school. I always was upset about that. ;) Now that I am older, I am actually thankful for it because its not during the busy times of the year. Like my poor sister. She was born on December 23. Talk about stealing your thunder.

I don’t have many memories of early childhood … like most people … but I do have a few. Sitting in what I think I remember being my carseat and closing my eyes while the sun shone on my face. Trying to learn how to ride my bike in our backyard. The house my parents rented when I was really little. Knocking on the door to a friend’s house down the street and hearing his dad yell, “Your girlfriend is here!” and hearing the embarrassment in my friend’s voice as he protested, only to hear his dad say, “She’s a girl and she’s your friend, isn’t she?”

I remember the kitchen table in our house when I was less than 4 years old. The 80s style blue canvas couch with little pink flowers on it. Taking a bite out of a bubble gum flavored chap-stick because I thought it really was bubble gum. My first short haircut because lice had spread through school.

I even remember some dreams I had as a kid. In one, a big giant purple cartoon spider was chasing me, and I fell to the ground. I was terrified it was going to hurt me when it started tickling me! haha – or the nightmare I remember where a huge scary toad-like monster was coming after me in my house and I couldn’t get away.

My childhood was happy for the most part. My parents loved me, and I was cared and provided for. I know I am very fortunate. And that is something I am thankful for as I write this … God’s sovereignty and grace kept me. I was blessed before I even came to know Him.