What is Your Story?

I have to tell you, Lisa-Jo Baker just gave me a big virtual hug and she may never know it. In her 31 Days to Write Your Story series, her day 3 post : You *DO* Have a Story to Tell squeezed my heart. Friends, I am in a hard season. I think that is all I have written about for the past couple months, but I am in the thickest part of it right now (or so it seems, I hope it isn’t going to get harder…). You can probably sense that something is up because my last post was a looooong time ago. And I haven’t wanted to post because I didn’t want everything to be so wah wah wah, woe is me all the time. Kind of like “If you can’t say something nice…” except its more “If you don’t have anything to do but complain…” :P

Wednesday last week, I was at an intensive lecture for a discipleship group I am in. The content of the lecture just poured into my Spirit and overflowed out my eyes. I have not cried that much in a public place in a very long time.

I realized I have been feeling insignificant. Forgotten. Lost.

And the pastor speaking really confronted that in the most loving and gracious manner. My eyes brim with tears just thinking about it. There aren’t any specific points I could tell you that really hit me more than others. It was just the entire three hours that sank deep into my soul.

And I think the Lord is trying to get through to me … trying to tell me I am loved, cared for, and SIGNIFICANT. I mean so much to Him that He sent His SON to die for me so that He could fix what I mess up. And I am forgiven for messing it up. And I am forgiven for the things I don’t know I am doing. And for the things I don’t know that I don’t know. “Father, forgive them, for they know NOT what they do.”

Anyway, sweet Lisa-Jo hit me in the heart, and I wanted to share with you what she said:

Everyone has a story. I say.

But what if my story isn’t important? You say.

What if it’s small and stitched together with load after load of laundry or hours spent trapped in the commute to work or nights spent wiping the hot heads of sick kids.

What if my story is ordinary?

What if I haven’t traveled, I’m not a human rights advocate, I don’t understand the nuances of free trade, and my subject matter is small people, tiny humans I’m trying to raise without losing my mind.

I say – that, right there, is your story.

And if you’re stuck between jobs and it hurts – that’s your story.

And if you love to bake and live in the kitchen and breathe in recipes – that is your story.

And if your children have left the nest long ago and you’ve got all this time and you’re not sure how to fill it – that is your story.

And if you watch someone else’s kids from 9 to 5 and go home to an empty apartment wondering when you’ll have your own kids – that is your story.

And if you run some days and other days forget to run. But if you want to keep running because you’re changing and you want to keep changing – that is your story.

And if you love design and decorating your home and making it a welcome place for others, that is your story.

And if you write for a living, or drive a minivan, or substitute teach, or homeschool, or lead corporate strategic planning meetings, or pray for change from a country that very few have heard about – right there, you are living your story.

Write the story you know.

Write the story you live.

How you see and breathe and shape and understand this glorious, broken, beautiful, redeemed world that Christ has given us. We need that.

We need your story.

So go ahead, take a deep breath and tell me: what is the story that you have to tell?


Tears. Many tears. So I thought I’d share with you who I am. My story about my life and how I came to know and love Jesus. Are you interested? Would you like to hear? Come on this journey with me. :)


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    Erin, I am really glad you’re writing again. I followed so long ago (prob because I knew you) but now it’s because you encourage me so much. I love reading your blog and hearing about what God is doing in your life. Looking forward to more! :)